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  1. *Edit* I apologize I intended for this post to go in the Feedback and Suggestions category. Perhaps a moderator can move it? - Thanks.

    I came back to grounded after a few weeks away. I immediately noticed some great changes, however I feel that the dangerous insects are too plentiful now. It's getting hard to venture out anywhere without running into trouble, and while I understand that may be by design, it makes it more difficult to enjoy other important aspects, such as exploring, base building, resource gathering, etc.

    My suggestions based on a few hours with update 0.9...

    1) Decrease spider frequency (but increase their ability to pursue on elevated terrain and make them more territorial - This would A) solve the problem of a person just being able to range attack them to death, and B) make the spiders more realistic and exciting. For example, if a spider becomes aggro'd on you, it can reach most elevations that you would have considered safe, this means that getting a few ranged shots in would be beneficial, but you are still vulnerable. The impossibility of climbing out of reach could be balanced by making the spiders pursue less over distance and stay within their territory, allowing the player to glide away to more safety. To fully dispatch the spider, it would require either several attempts at such a strategy, or eventually requiring close combat.)
    2) Aggravated Mosquitos pursue way too far a distance - they chase you halfway across the map it feels like... seems a little imbalanced. 
    3) Digging for grubs but finding larva was a great idea, but is imbalanced. I found 6 larva versus 2 grubs in a recent session. It should be the other way around IMHO. 
    4) Speeding up Aphids was a great way to increase the importance of ranged attacks, however I feel like Weevils are too few in number and are always being pursued by ants, which makes it necessary to run halfway across the map trying to kill one (which often results in encountering dangerous insects when you weren't in the mood for that kind of experience). 
    5) The water/hunger rebalance is better, but water is lost a little too quickly, and hunger not quite fast enough. 
    6) Photo mode is awesome, but even with the camera speed controls we have, the camera moves waaaay too slow. 

    That's all I can think of right now. Thanks again for putting so much effort into a great game! 

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  2. I really approve of suggestions # 1 and 2.  I think having spiders able to climb walls etc. in pursuit would be epic. HOWEVER, I feel like they should be fewer in numbers. Insect spawns overall have been increased since patch 0.9 to the point where I almost feel like the dangerous bugs are too plentiful (or they may just be increasing as my level increases). Either way, I feel like it is currently imbalanced. So if they decrease the frequency of spiders, they could compensate by making them able to climb.... I feel like that would be a more exciting experience. 

    As for inventory management, I also feel that items should be autosorted within inventory for quality of life. (I get why they aren't... If everything is just thrown into a backpack, they wouldn't be autosorted, but I feel like this is an artistic decision that needs to change in honor of better gameplay. 

  3. I am requesting that the "Memorized Recipes" section of the smoothie menu actually list the recipe ingredients. Currently, the "memorized recipes" only lists the recipes discovered, but doesn't tell me what the ingredients for those recipes are. If I don't have the correct ingredients in my inventory, I am naturally unable to make the recipe. Since it does not show me the required ingredients however, I do not know what ingredients to go find and collect. Maybe my in-game Avatar remembers the recipe, but the real me does not. This creates a immersion-disconnect. 

    This is a pretty significant quality of gameplay issue that would hopefully be fairly simple to solve. Thanks for listening! 

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  4. I think they want us to experiment with the smoothie station. But one thing that needs to be implemented is that the "Memorized Recipes" section of the smoothie menu needs to actually list the recipe ingredients. Currently, the memorized recipes only list recipes discovered, but don't tell you what those things were. If you don't have the correct ingredients in your inventory, you will not be able to select the recipe. However since it does not tell me what the recipe requires, I don't know what ingredients to go find and collect. - I think i'll mention this in a new post.

  5. 13 hours ago, Hannah Suffridge said:

    Spinning Wheel: I’ve been having trouble getting items off the spinning wheel. I have to stand at specific angles in order to retrieve the items.

    Hey just a tip for this one. If you open the spinning wheel menu (as if you were going to spin something) you can just drag-and-drop the finished items into your inventory. 

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  6. I agree that being able to craft a compass would be great.

    Also, managing thirst is slightly annoying. It's not terrible, but could be tweaked just a bit. 

    Same for the day/night cycle. It's not bad, but it could be tweaked just a bit - make days a little longer and night a little shorter. (just a bit)

    Oh, one more thing... I've seen people complain about moving through clover.... it is a bug? Because honestly I haven't had any similar issues like that. 

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  7. I appreciate that you took so much time in crafting your post. I am only a fellow player, like you, so my opinion does not necessarily agree with the development team. I feel like most of the points you are dissatisfied with are there by design, or are simply not polished yet due to the game being in early access. 

    This is a survival/crafting game (although there are also strong elements of RPG). Part of the design of survival/crafting games is to allow the player to discover how to do things. If everything is given in advance as instructional tutorials, then it takes away the process of discovery. So what you are asking for is not typical for a game in this genre. A well designed survival game should instruct the player on what controls to use, but should not instruct them in what scenarios to use those controls for. That allows players to enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of experiencing the world in a similar way as their avatar would if the game were reality - of not knowing exactly what to do and having to figure it out. 

    If that isn't to your liking, and you would prefer to know exactly what to do and where to do it, then I would suggest watching YouTube videos of other people playing the game so that you can learn from their experience. There are several "Let's Play" videos out there for Grounded. 

  8. Why the suggestion: It doesn't seem logical that we can't wear Aphid Slippers the same time as wearing knee pads. It would give us more variety of appearance if we had more armor/accessory slots to fill. I would suggest 1) Head 2) Eyewear 3) Chest 4) Arms (which would include shoulders) 5) Legs 6) Feet

    This would be easier to implement assuming that a future update is going to no longer cause equipped armor to count against inventory. 

    Finally, this suggestion would also play on some of the charm the game already has - it is actually akin to a medieval RPG - we have armor, weapons, buffs, big creatures, skills, bases that can be like castles, etc.. It would be neat to see our characters more adequately covered and stronger armor closer to late game. I picture a look similar to some of the lost boys in the old Robin Williams movie "Hook." Here's an example:


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