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[SUGGESTION] Turn off HUD markers for spent arrows during combat

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This is a suggestion to disable the HUD markers for arrows that the player fires during a combat encounter. Basically, while a bug is in combat protocol, any fired arrows would not have the large locating markers attached. Once combat programming is cleared, the markers would return.

WHY the suggestion: When firing multiple arrows at an enemy, the HUD becomes very cluttered with all of the arrow markers, making it difficult to even spot the enemy in some cases. It would just be more tidy and attractive to eliminate them during combat. What is more, the markers are rather unnecessary until the player is attempting to retrieve them. The majority of the time, retrieval would not be taking place during combat.

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An excellent idea!  Also, I would suggest that arrows that hit solidly should also be returned instantly when you retrieve the 

body parts.  If you miss, then search and retrieval is a reasonable outcome; if you hit your mark, arrows should not bounce off magically

and skitter-scatter around, let alone disappear into the terrain. (Sigh) Loose so many arrows that way. :) 

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