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  1. I think a katana would be awesome! Also, with the latest update they allowed weed stems to float again, so it wouldn't be hard for them to introduce a weed stem raft. It would essentially be the same thing as the weed stem floor, only they would have to change the collisions to allow for the raft version to be built on water. 

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  2. Some games are so perfectly balanced, a perma-death hard core mode is awesome. Subnautica is the best example of this. Subnautica focuses on survival rather than combat, and conflict avoidance is a sound strategy. Grounded is built different. It is combat-focused, and it is nowhere CLOSE to being balanced enough to make this a feasible option. Too many powerful insects to ever make this a realistic possibility. 

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  3. One more thing I would like to add on this topic: Organize buildables into categories - E.G. Grass-based walls/floors in their own category; Stem-based walls/floors in another category, and so-on. Otherwise, as we get more and more pieces, it's going to be endless scrolling trying to find the right one. 

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  4. Seriously, I laughed out loud when I saw the new Crow Feather Roof pieces coming in the next update... It would only take a couple of years to gather enough for one roof piece! (Jokes aside, I assume that this means they will be tweaking the spawn rates of the feathers in the next update). 

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  5. Yes, the quests are extremely basic right now, but I'm sure that the devs realize they need more content. I recently discovered the underwater lab and it's clear that they have much bigger plans in terms of story... I'm sure quests will be getting a much needed upgrade as well! 

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