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  1. If the spilled paint could be changed into a gatherable resource, A new mixing machine could be introduced similar to the Smoothie Station but intended for mixing paint. Flower petals of various colors could be used in the Grinding Machine to produce various pigments, which could be mixed with the paint base in the mixing machine to produce colored paint. The paint could then be applied to base walls of various types to customize their color. (Perhaps the spilled paint might need to be changed from red to white to make changing the color more plausible). 

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  2. The idea is that once grass is chopped into planks, it starts to die and change color gradually. My suggestion would affect cosmetics only, and not have any effect on the structural integrity of the planks. It would be quite interesting to see bases built and having various parts change from bright green to dull green, grayish green, and eventually yellow depending on the age of those respective planks.   

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  3. Yes, I like the idea of a wagon or sled. I think they should introduce them along with the ability to domesticate ladybugs. We can use a ladybug like an ox. It requires building a stable for it and feeding it regularly. (Some sort of device could be built to automate the feeding and watering maybe). Much like the player must have adequate food and water to function, the ladybug could be unable to work until adequately cared for. I'm sure there are players who don't care about pets or building bases, and they wouldn't have to be bothered with this new feature, but for those who love "homesteading" this could be a neat addition. 

  4. I like these ideas and thoughtful ingredients lists. I hope the devs take note. 

    I would really like to see an advancement of the combat system where arrow and weapon hit placement determines the amount of damage, but I realize that it might be too complex to add to the game at this stage.  

  5. That's fine. I apologize for causing any needless offense. But please consider, as you said, that it is a suggestion forum. Suggestions are open for discussion by virtue that this is a forum. If the devs were only interested in suggestions without discussion, they could've designed it as an intake form. There is a place to do that too, right from the game menu, so you might consider submitting your idea there if you haven't already. Also there is the discord forum where suggestions are made and voted on by fellow players... You may know that already, but if not, you might check it out... You may find that your idea gets more traction there.

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  6. That's true. What I was saying about the performance impact is still probably an important factor. Making rain drops interact with the player means giving every single one collision programming and other physics effects. This is vastly different than other games that simply use rain as a visual effect. I don't think current consoles and most PCs could have enough computational power to make such a thing possible. 

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  7. I think I understood exactly what you meant. You want to be able to switch between 3-mutation combinations instantly via hotkey during combat, right? What I was trying to point out is that if you have several mutation profiles that you can switch to with a hotkey, the idea might be in opposition to the system the devs intended. They are limiting mutations to three at a time, and not easily switchable, indicating that they want players to have to make hard choices. If, on the other hand, they granted your idea and made them accessible via hotkeys, then it would be (in my mind) similar to having all mutations active (or at least instantly accessible) at once. That doesn't appear to be what they are going for, otherwise they would've made all mutations become active as they are unlocked. 

    This is just my opinion, but I think that would possibly throw off the combat balance and make the mutation choices less meaningful. If they decided not to implement your idea, it would still at least be nice to set up profiles, even if they aren't via hotkey. At the very least, they should allow mutations to automatically deactivate when a new one is selected. - That's just a basic quality of life improvement. 

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  8. There is already fog in the game. It is extremely foggy for a period every single night. But I would also like to see some weather variety. Rain is going to be tricky. For every raindrop to potentially have lethal consequences, it might make the game too frustrating for some players, and also the performance impact might prevent the game from running smoothly. 

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  9. I think that mutation profiles is a great idea, however having them switchable via hotkey kind of defeats the purpose of limiting them only to three. I think a good compromise would be to allow for mutation profiles, but keep it accessible only in the mutation menu screen. It would still be helpful that way... it would save clicks to turn off current mutations in order to activate new ones, and it would be handy when wanting to, say... go for a pond dive, or just build stuff, etc..

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  10. Great idea! Here's another suggestion: When crafting a component that requires other components that are not yet crafted but that you have the ingredients for, the component will automatically craft all necessary components in order to complete. Example: Say I want to craft an item that requires crude rope and I don't have any crafted, but I DO have enough plant fiber in inventory. Then the crude rope would automatically be formed in order to complete the item that I originally desired to craft. 

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