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  1. I can't even load up the game on xb1x,it starts to load then keeps throwing me back to xb home,
  2. Creative mode is what it says creative,build a house base with no interruptions ie no insects.Go into mp and you will see insects.Creative is there to relax and maybe construct a house and think ok i will use that idea in online.
  3. My friends are loosing there items when joining my game,i thought this was fixed.
  4. I now have 50 feathers they seem to be everywhere for me.Somtimes I've had five feathers all in one place.The one thing i need to work for me is ant eggs not spawning.
  5. Every time i go down into the nest there is at least 30 soldier ants all clumped together,i would try killing them but the game freezes then starts again so it's impossible to try and kill them.I have also tried the trap outside but that's not working either.
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