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  1. Granted, it may not be the exact same, but this is a viable sight setup. The only thing I really see wrong with it is that it happens all the time.
  2. Actually, *chuckles* the more expensive a hooker is, the less likely her clientele is interested in having sex with her. So, for a high-class hooker, if they want less work, jack up the price! :lol:lol I didn't believe this was true until I read about it. Apparently, it's the whole Hetaera / Geisha / Firefly Companion style of thing at that level... It's about the whole soothing, relaxing, stress free companionship and conversation.... Not so much the sex.. Which is why so many of those "high class escort" types are usually incredibly smart, learned, and empathic. But that's sufficient derailment I guess. Ah, but notice the change in word usage? Big difference between hooker and escort, at least in my opinion.
  3. As far as I understand, you don't get the weapons "anyway". From what Gamestop says, it's either you preorder or you don't get the 4 weapons they have in the bonus. This is coming from the use of the word exclusive. And yes, they have said what the weapons are. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/100/1002673p1.html edit: Keep in mind that the Gamecrazy bonus is now the Best Buy bonus.
  4. It's been up for a bit, and actually has a lot of spoiler-free info considering the game hasn't been released yet.
  5. Did you get it when you reserved? I payed mine of a while back and was under the impression that it ships with the game. im under the same impression as well.. preordered a few weeks back.. got nothing from gamestop.. I actually called the store I preordered from. Anyone who preordered will receive the card at pickup, as long as supplies last.
  6. Did you get it when you reserved? I payed mine of a while back and was under the impression that it ships with the game.
  7. 4 guns per pack. 2 free, 2 you can buy later in the game. edit: Not to mention extra gadgets and specialized ammo, albeit all the gadgets and ammo can be gotten in the game already.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I'll just be happy to have the game once it comes out.
  9. Well I dunno how but I missed it. I remember subsonic ammo being mentioned in subsequent preview but I just don't remember noticing it in the walkthrough video. It was also show when they released the pre-order bonus information. One of the stealth pack bonuses is subsonic ammo. Edit: The subsonic ammo is on the attack(?) pack at Gamestop. The ammo types supplied seem to depend on what weapons are in the pack, and subsonic appears to be only assault rifle. Stealth gets hollow-points and tranquilizers. This, along with a comment made by in a preview, makes me positive the ammo becomes available. The comment was about making arms dealer contacts and the ammo being able to be purchased after a point.
  10. I'm going to ask that you forget what I said, and go off Enoch. He's got the right idea.
  11. I'm pretty sure the G22 goggles have nv, so I would say it's safe to assume "yes". But don't hold me to that.
  12. I sure hope there is. It would go perfectly with "your weapon is choice". Forcing one to blow the Stryker up would go against that.
  13. This sounds odd. As you stated before, the code is there, why not use it? It seems like the ball has been dropped if the stealth pack is lost. But at last notice Gamestop still has their bonus (the assault pack), I just got a card telling me to preorder and the bonuses were there.
  14. I'm pretty sure he's saying that the stealth aspects of Alpha Protocol have no threat from Splinter Cell.
  15. I'd say more that the people in charge of the feed aren't finding new things to write about. We might see a big jump in tweets in the next few months.
  16. I can't say I completely condone the use of pre-order bonuses, but I do tend to pre-order more games that have them. I'm glad that Gamestop still has a bonus, but I'd still be getting it even if it didn't.
  17. I wouldn't say so. All I know is that I'm glad it releases in the summer, more time to play.
  18. It does look rather ridiculous, but I imagine they have a reason.
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