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  1. @GrendelFXI noticed the same thing during my last playthrough.
  2. I'm playing on game pass (X1X) and the one time I tried to play since the new update, the same thing happened to me when trying to build a grass plank wall. The game just froze up and I quit the application and never went back. I will log on later and see if the issue repeats. UPDATE: Yep, when I attempt to place a blueprint, the game freezes until i restart it....this is on xbox one x, single/multiplayer
  3. you didn't mention your platform...xbox/pc/steam this might help the devs narrow down the cause. ijs
  4. Well, I think taming is a dumb idea, this ain't Pokemon
  5. Haven't made one, but wouldn't you break the sap (with a hammer) like anywhere else?
  6. I fell off the map in that same area....after a few in game days, my bag appeared at the area we originally start in.
  7. OK, quick question. If i join a multiplayer game, harvest mint from that game, then go back to my own game, will I lose the mint? Just curious since I have been down to only 2 mints since before the 0.1 patch and don't want to lose every piece. I saw some ppl saying there is a duplication glitch, but I haven't seen it in action with less than a full stack of mints.
  8. if you haven't got either of the daggers, use the ant club
  9. maybe clear some old saves? I fixed my save issues by making it take longer (10mins?) between saves, and lowering the number of auto saves (3maybe?) that it creates for each playthrough. That way my list of saves is manageable
  10. Whoever said kill all the ants and wait a couple of in-game days gave the best advice. This is what worked for me after the 0.1 patch. After the 0.2 patch, I have the unlootable egg and the same ants I had to clear out before (mainly a trio of soldier ants at the egg spot) and who knows how many ants elsewhere in the ant hill. I assume that after I clear out the anthill, eggs will appear again. I currently have a stack of 10 that I got post 0.1 patch. I haven't seen any eggs since though, just the 3 soldier ants.
  11. I'm about to jump on and visit all the locations.....I was hoping you were right, but after visiting all locations (i punched each box, and drank some drops) the mutation still hasn't shown up. EDIT: After posting, I jumped back on my Xbox and it was there. I don't know if it was because I slept in a lean-to, or because I let it turn from night to day, but when I checked, the mutation was unlocked. I didn't see it "bling" on the screen though. And after looking at the description, I remember it being there before. Unsure why it vanished and then came back.
  12. Soooo, did you already visit all the juice boxes? Or are you saying you visited the boxes AFTER the update? The OP states that all the juice boxes were visited BEFORE the update. Your post simply says you visited the boxes and got the mutation. I am sure I have visited all the boxes, but I'm not 100% sure. I AM certain that the mutation isn't unlocked for me though. EDIT: Just checked, mutation isn't unlocked for me, I will visit all the juice boxes in the morning and report my findings afterward.
  13. Yeah, new games are a must. My post 0.2.0 save has like 9 days clocked in. My original save has over 200. New save was just in case of something like this.
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