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  1. Set up several lure traps and a ton of spike strips outside the anthill make sure the traps are killing more ants then spawn also changing the pic feature from 90 to it's lowest setting should help to get that done I use 23 traps currently in rows outside the hill directly and in proximity where alot of ants can be found it isn't perfect but definitely improves framerate and the freezing in this area until devs can fix also gas arrows from a distance at the gnats if they become a problem by the light hope this helps I have set it up for a few friends seems to work for various diffrent players.
  2. So I thought perhaps a great way to bring taming to grounded is to make a cricket fiddle you acquire cricket legs and form some sort of instrument to tame other insects.
  3. My base is in the exact same place I have the same issue I currently created the automated ant control system A.A.C.S basically I have set 10 to 12 lure traps surrounded by spike traps and covered the entrance with traps the idea is to offset there spawn rate by the trap death rate seems to have somewhat stabilized my game I use gas arrows on the gnats they drop in a few seconds I hope this is helpful until they have a fix. I am on day 321 second world I ever started I don't intend to leave it anyone with questions or needing other tips or so can message me repeatrepeater just like here. Thank
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