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  1. There is a lack of Norse mythology in games.
  2. She's racists because she takes an stance on protecting humanity from outside influences? She distrusts aliens and with reason. Whether you think she is justified or not is part of what make her interesting. Also Ashley never had a sob story. And some of the other, alien crew members did.
  3. I have to disagree with you there. Her whole shtick was that she was a racist bastard and missed her mother/sister. Her death was blessing on all those poor five races. Talk about missing the point. And she was the character we learn the most about. Kaiden just goes on about Jump Zero and the aliens have half their dialogue used for info kiosk about their species except Garrus, who you have pretty one note convos with. Even if she was racist, that wouldnt make her a badly written character
  4. He was written as insane and violent. The detached voice just made it more so.
  5. What if I want that to happen since its a slap in the face to what everyone expects. And I agree the Bioware is too concerned with production values to put money into writing enough content to satisfy the big choices. Also Ashley is an excellent character.
  6. ASoIaF wouldnt work well as a MMO game, or even an epic RPG. Strategy or small scale RPG, now thats a different story.
  7. HK was more insane and violent in 1. In II he is much more calm and philosophical.
  8. The lines wouldnt have been as memorable without the delivery.
  9. But of course it will take place in FR since its the most popular setting, it has the greatest traction with casual DnD fans and it near the only choice right now. THey should bring back Spelljammers.
  10. More like an impossible dream
  11. Mitsoda described Bloodlines as a serious story yet one where they tell you a **** joke or two along the way. Its usually the stuff outside the plot (email, ads, references) that is really funny. Like arguing witht he stop sign or the Friggin' Chicken ad. And no, WoD isnt like Anne Rice, though one of the clans was modeled after that type of vampire. Resident Evil 5 is b movie horror writing. Too bad its just an action game now.
  12. The people in Fallout 1 and 2 had bigger settlements in less time after the bomb.
  13. Well asset creation costs need to go down and a bigger medium level indie scene need to arise I think. Then again a lot of the most influencial art in history was done at the behest of someone else. At some point I'm hoping there are a enough people in gaming who want something more than to play virtual sports or shoot dudes.
  14. am not disagreeing that bastilla ended shallow... but add some genuine heroic sacrifice and character woulda' been pretty darn good. not require major changes. yeah, she gets the ice-queen shtick, but again, that were part o' the necessary plan in mirroring star wars 4-6. would rather chew broken glass than take another stab at vampire. some ok writing at start, but nothing fantastic and for all the hassles we went through to get through +1 hour o' vampire silliness... *shrug* HA! Good Fun! You sure? I went through recently with the 6.0 patch and I didnt have a single cras
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