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  1. Thank you and sorry, I don't really spend time on this forum anymore. I skimmed through 4 or so pages and didn't see any obvious answers. Perhaps there should be a physical rewards FAQ stickied?
  2. I'm interested in this too. It seems some people around the world have already received their physical copies, so I'm wondering whether the shipping status on the portal is accurate.
  3. I asked Josh on twitter if he's working on it, this was his response:
  4. Don't forget the part where he's a vocal Tea Party supporter and huge opponent of Obama and bailouts and government money.
  5. Supporting this game means supporting Herve Caen and he can burn in hell. That **** won't get a penny. Also, begging for money is not cool.
  6. HUGE NEWS: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/03/30/obisidian-to-co-develop-wasteland-2-on-one-condition/
  7. Nicely balanced turn based rpg with a good story and C&C.
  8. Wow, you're really thinking about it backwards. It's not charity, nobody is just giving away money for free. How do you think developers fund their games otherwise? They go to the publishers and get funding from them, while publishers end up with some level of creative control. This is exactly same thing. Only instead of publishers, they're getting funding from customers and customers are getting the game they paid for. That's all.
  9. here comes the mil. If big publishers aren't thinking about this long and hard, they're wrong. Granted, far from everyone will be able to make that kind of a fundraiser, but it still proves that people want more than what big names are feeding us
  10. No, I do not know anything about Tim Schafer. Im sure hes a helluva guy, loves mom and apple pie and regularly helps the tards. Like I said, its my perception thats rubbing me the wrong way. They obviously couldnt get the game funded through conventional methods so they did what any red blooded American company would do, mussed up their hair, turned their pockets inside out and held open a loot bag for everyone else to fill. Then, even after doubling their needs, still keep the gravy train rolling. You know, for future projects. I think that last point is what bothers me the most. Just on
  11. Gfted1, Do you know anything about Tim Schafer? He's as far from a cash grabbing cow as they come. He's been trying to make living on small projects and community funded initiatives for a while and I trust him completely. He has taken money from fans to develop games before and never screwed anyone over. ON top of that, giving a small independent company that much funding gaming community proves feasibility of skipping publishers and, hopefully, solidifies indie trend. Once again, this is not some unknown dude milking dumb gamers, this is a legendary developer that has consistently given u
  12. It's an adventure game from dudes who made some of the best and funniest adventure games out there - Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert.
  13. I, for one, has hated Sony ever since working in a photo store selling digital cameras in high school. Even then they came off as arrogant ****. My current TV is a Panasonic plasma and i couldn't be happier. ON top of that I really don't like japanese games.
  14. Three instabuys for me - GTA, MAx Payne and South Park. Everything else i'm very meh about
  15. I just watched the 1% and the humor dalek episodes and they were great. Actually, I'm gonna go ahead and get excited for this game...
  16. Well, there's your animated title:http://www.joystiq.com/2011/12/01/obsidian-heading-on-up-to-south-park-for-ps3-xbox-360-rpg/
  17. Witcher 2 digital download is $16 on Amazon right now: http://www.amazon.com/Witcher-2-Assassins-...3564&sr=8-1
  18. Not anytime soon. It's just the face that so great, but because of that the body is no more than a stick figure. No way is this better than full body mocap. Its just not worth it. IT is a full body mocap. They actually did two passes per scene - full body and facial mocap. Personally, i thought everyone was animated just fine.
  19. I'm in the camp of people who really enjoyed FFVIII in fact i liked it helluva lot better than any other FF i've tried. FFXIII was just boring.
  20. This should be a must read for every time Bethesda game is released: http://nma-fallout.com/content.php?page=features&id=28
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