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  1. I did notice on mine that I started to see more running about after I made the Ant Mallet. Not sure if it's because I made it or if it's just a coincidence, but there you are.
  2. Why did you have to start the video there? I just about threw my phone.
  3. I hope so too! It'll be fine (for me) if they don't add it in. I can play with the legs on (not all 8 tho), I just have to stop for a moment and let the feeling that spiders are crawling all over me go away.
  4. I think this is a cool idea! Having a stuffed scorpion in your base would be pretty cool too, and maybe Scorpion Armor or Venom. Scorpion venom can paralyze, so maybe the venom could be used to make a Stun Arrow or Slow Arrow or something that paralyzes bugs for a few seconds or stuns them momentarily.
  5. I would probably quit playing the game lol. My arachnophobia can barely handle the spiders we have now. I'm not super opposed to adding new spider variants, but this sounds a bit crazy. I do think a spider that carried spiderlings on its back would be cool. But sending wolf spiders out to do its bidding? I dunno. Wolf spiders are insanely hard to kill when you're by yourself. Maybe orb weavers instead? Also, we have to consider the lore of the game. Is this backyard in a location where this monstrosity would live?
  6. Does scaffolding actually serve any purpose, other than aesthetic? I have my current base built off of the baseball, and it's just sort of...floating. It's not gigantic by any means, but I haven't hit a point where the game won't let me continually build off to the side.
  7. I would like more control over the accessibility option. For instance, it's the pincers and sounds that really freak me out, but I think it looks dumb with no legs. It's also harder to tell that it's a spider from far away, which is the point, but I like to know what I'm walking up on. I'd like to be able to set like 4 legs, no pincers, less sounds, but keep most of the texture and the 4 legs the same.
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