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  1. Obsidian has disapproved my run of the ultimate, heres the reasoning they gave Sorry for the wait. After some more prodding Josh was able to make some time to finish going over some of the playthrough to give his opinion on the verification process. Unfortunately this particular playthrough is being considered invalid due to the force closure of the game and loading of a save where it would normally not have been available. From the footage you took, it looks like you were able to find a way around this issue, but we would need a playthrough where you do this without using the force closu
  2. I liked almost all the changes, it did not make solo play more or less enjoyable, or easier/harder for that matter. I just found myself using abilities that i never would have otherwise, it brings a fresh experience, however the mega boss portions really deserve to be looked at, for example your idea of adding fire blight spawns for doru is a neat idea!
  3. I played this mod a bit on solo potd and found all mega bosses to be completely impossible unless i use bm and summon 3 flame blights for wod by hitting my own phantoms... this is very tedious and i dont see any other way except using a herald, which is kind of even more tedious... the sot/wod cheese is imo just for the megaboss portion anyways since its so much work to set up and I don't think anyone would use it for the regular encounters
  4. you are not taking into consideration corrosive solvent from the ooze, wont have enough guile to kill it in time consistently if you fail to vanish just once
  5. People would still just default to bm, since you dont really need brilliant at all. Since wod still extends bdd and you can spam blood sacrafice regardless, as far as the harder fights go, everything can be done just by summoning a single flame blight and dragging it across the wall to extend whatever buff you want including blade cascade
  6. The only mandatory flame resistant enemies are : - The trash mobs gating ashen maw dragon, and ofc the fire dragon itself - The flame nagas in SSS & in water shapers guild, those are not only fire resistant, but fire dmg will also heal them -Constructs in SSS - Construct megaboss dorugan Don't think i've missed any, but thats all i remember from my run. I was tempted to pick up magrans favor for more holy fire spam, but with vela.... i didnt bother in the end
  7. I'll give you guys the exact reply I got from obsidian when I submitted the run. "I just wanted to let you know it may take us a bit of time to review all of the footage as we have a couple others we are going through right now as well, but rest assured we will get to it and let you know when that process has been completed" So, I'm guessing a lot of people , like me, had tons of extra time during the quarantine period and did this challenge, so I'm not even sure if I'll make it on to the honor roll, maybe just a badge So expect frequent updates on the newer hall of fame in th
  8. This reply speaks for itself, done arguing with the all mighty Boeroer with extensive game knowledge, I admit defeat
  9. My approach? My statement was that casters in general are way worse in deadfire than in poe1. I never make any statements without extensive testing, and I've proven my points with videos, and I'm willing to prove any of my statements if you have any doubts what so ever. No one with extensive knowledge of both games can say the deadfire casters are not complete garbage compared to their poe1 counter parts, as long as bdd/sot/wod is not abused. As for certain buffed spells like slicken, combustive wounds etc, these sure are great vs trash mobs no one cares about, any time a caster is face
  10. Read that last quote again, I dont know what your problem is with the amount of mental gymnastics going on here. "Compared to poe1"
  11. Thanks for finally agreeing with my point. Deadfire cheese requires 20 mins of prep time, poe1 "cheese" as you mentioned require me to rest after a fight. How is resting cheese? I'm not saying caster classes are trash in deadfire, I'm saying that compared to poe1 caster classes, they are way way way worse. Edit: go back and read my original reply , op started the thread asking about wizard in poe1 vs deadfire, I dont know about you, but i sure was disappointed to see how much less powerful casters in general became in the 2nd game.
  12. Last video is mine , i purposely did not rest with acc bonus to try llengrath. You can doubt all you want, but console in an adra dragon and test it yourself, you sure don't need any "lucky" rolls. I've done the ultimate on poe1 with every single class except barb,fighter,rogue. Wizard is by far the strongest overall class on par with fire priest, its even better than cipher abusing brutal backlash vs dragons. Figurines sure as hell do absolutely nothing... You could make the argument that WoD is very op combined with potion of last stand, but its extremely anti fun and tedious to
  13. Boeroer, ill just ask you this, can the wizard in deadfire do anything close to what it did in poe1? Kill adra/bog dragons in 3 hits of kalakoths ice rake? How does deadfire's wizard do in comparison soloing any dragon without draining wall / bdd potion? Can the deadfire wizard face tank any encounter just by casting vital essence + llengrath displacement? Is the deadfire wizard any where near viable in solo potd without some sort of cheese with blood mage? You can say that the wizard didnt change , the enemies got more powerful, but it doesnt change the fact the wizard in deadfire is ab
  14. If you liked caster classes in poe1 , deadfire caster classes are such a disappointment in comparison. Everything from damage/accuracy to spell use has been severely nerded. The defensive spells are all really garbage compared to poe1 as well. Unless you want to abuse the really silly brilliant or wall of draining combos, I would pick a martial multiclass like kaylon suggested
  15. Question regarding the trip to ukaizo Some background: I've been trying to get a speed run of the ultimate, and i've done a test run of a single class skaen so far where i go to ashen maw at level 11.5, skipping the tomb in neketakka and most of the fetch quests, doing justdereo (since i need to come back later for the grub anyways) and arkemyr, then its a quick trip to deck of many things, plus a respec to sneak for the 1% cloak). I've finished every single objective except for the guardian at the end with ~ 10 hrs of playtime (9hrs actual since i died and reloaded a few times) Howe
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