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  1. Question regarding the trip to ukaizo Some background: I've been trying to get a speed run of the ultimate, and i've done a test run of a single class skaen so far where i go to ashen maw at level 11.5, skipping the tomb in neketakka and most of the fetch quests, doing justdereo (since i need to come back later for the grub anyways) and arkemyr, then its a quick trip to deck of many things, plus a respec to sneak for the 1% cloak). I've finished every single objective except for the guardian at the end with ~ 10 hrs of playtime (9hrs actual since i died and reloaded a few times) However I cannot survive the journey to okaizo, what can I actually do without getting floating hangman and still complete this run? Is a single class priest pointless to play since I have to sail to fort deadlight /dunange for blade cascade anyways, so i might as well play a multiclass and just fight at lvl 16? Edit: some fun little things i found, since the run is entirely based off wits of herald after the first fight in ashen maw, and a single class priest has so much free ability points, i ended up taking all the empower buffs and killing pretty much every single non fire resistant enemy encounter just spamming empowered holy flame, the fights were ending so fast it was a bit insane. For encounters like the BoW undead dragon, i actually used effigys husk and holy flame spam, and he died before the armor broke twice.
  2. The solution to balancing is very simple, limit sot to a certain amount of casts unless solo mode is enabled. Lets be real there is no way to solo potd the megabosses without resource regen, or flame blight cheese with bm, unless you follow Kaylons strats as a herald or use a monk, but armor and weapons degrades with abydon enabled so you cannot do it on the ultimate. His video on herald vs ooze was so painful to just watch, who the hell would actually wana kill it that way.. As far as sc monks go, how to survive sss with vela on ironmam mode is another issue that I dont think anyones figured out yet
  3. One way to completely take vela out of any fight is to activate the fight while in stealth with a trap, this way both vela and you will still be in stealth, then run to a corner and summon a phantom, and use the phantom to pull enemies to you. As soon as vela sees the enemy she will panick and stay in the safe spot, then you can withdraw her and cast arkemyrs departure on yourself. This method is very tedious, and doesnt work for some of the harder fights i mentioned before. I did use this way to keep vela out of the fight for nemnok & a few of the dlc encounters
  4. I did try to copy your tactician/bloodmage for some trials of the ultimate, but for the dangerous fights like various sss encounters and the forgotten sanctum maura fight it was so hard, if nemnoks cloak worked for vela also this would be a really really fun build!
  5. Thats the perfect word for it, "degenerate" , the absurd things we do in this game to overcome some of the absurd challenges is truly madness
  6. I've tried out a paladin/wizard & paladin priest and I have to say it is seriously broken! Paladin/anything is great for the extra defences, plus power level wise, fire based spells can be boosted by 3 power levels using magrans favor and the otto cat pet, plus we even get a ring with +10 fire spell accuracy from the dark cupboard that stacks with all the other acc bonuses. This combo melts away any trash mobs with fire aoes, and for the mega bosses, you also have the option of cheesing it with sot/brilliant/bdd and blade cascade for priest, and draining wall/blade cascade for wizards as long as you summon a flame blight with magrans belt.
  7. reviving this thread with my first post here. Finished recording my ultimate run, I just copied tenray's zealot run (woedica priest/streetfighter rogue) with some very very minor adjustments here and there. I even encountered the same bug that made me alt f4 and waste 2 days in game time at the SSS bridge repair interaction. Heres hoping obsidian approves it Shoutout to Victor Creed & jaggedjimmayjay82 for helping me figure the dragul sss fight, and ofcourse tenray since i basically copied his strat!
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