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  1. Maybe "crazy feminists" isn't looking at the whole picture, but that may well be the underlying issue. Every single self-professed feminist (and some that wouldn't man* up and admit it too) I've met was bat**** and just not too happy with their female self. The proposed neutering of gender roles that have been established by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution with little but slogans and inflammatory rhetoric is... crazy. *Oh I crack myself up This is a difficult subject to explain why it is potentially so wrong. Both longevity and gender(biologically) should not be tinker
  2. I tried to read this article. "Now, with the discovery of a home built by Neanderthals, it
  3. Interesting project. http://ology.com/technology/south-park-rpg...?quicktabs_10=0
  4. Yes, but their case is better. I would love for them to be wrong though. The priority of placing religious or metaphysical traditions or thinking at the top of the list of apparently irrational behavior in others to be addressed is effectively an endorsement of more real problems in mass popular behavior such as consumerism which are far harder to tackle and far more widely enabled. In this way I find atheists particularly bothersome when vocal, because they tend to single issue crusade something they mistake for not being piss-ant relative to their own contributions to our problems.
  5. Surely ANY enterprise has associated risks. I didn't say teaching the subject would be easy. You're right kids don't handle abstarcts well. But teenagers (IMO) always respond t ooffers to put power in their hands. YOu offer them a way to think more clearly, avoid being exploited, buy cheaper, spot dangers... I think they would respond. Idealistically down the road individual ethics and social responsibility have to rebound in major way. Permaculture has to be a central principle, with not even minute robberies and borrowings from oncoming generations being acceptable. I would say e
  6. This argument would be a lot more convincing if nutritionists actually understood the biochemistry of metabolism that causes the supposed health effects of various foods rather than simply presenting a rapidly shifting array of things which are "good" and "bad" based on the most recent poorly-controlled correlative studies. I don't put much store in modern nutrition, and for good reasons. Well when I am talking about the cellulose about it is actually a specific substance, with a specific chemical composition and i can measure it in grams, i can send it to someone and they can confi
  7. Protip: There's no such thing as a "good calorie" and a "bad calorie." Energy is energy. Well the title is for the market and the UK edition is called the Diet Delusion if that helps, also I wouldn't lightly call someone rigorous. A lot of material is references such as weights of various agricultural societies and historic changes in general diet which provides information regarding fats from various sources as well as simple and complex sugars... It does spend significant time however under-minding the calorie as a relevant metric over all. For an analogy there is also no suc
  8. A person from 11-13 should be able to enter any segment of productive society at the least an apprenticeship level. That is without too debilitating an upbringing, the adult being 18 idea is there to protect the work force and wage levels even if no one will admit it, same as the encouragement for people to go to school till 25-30 for a degree in organic blubberdashery and so on... Also with the diet information please read and consider Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. Very rigorous researcher and great book.
  9. Asking for a strong USA is like asking for a burning metal pole to be shoved up your rectum. Our strength is almost always wrapped up in our xenophobic and militaristic tendencies. More or less, the gov borrows and spends into the economy which gives us our money to start with. It can be easy to argue that this spend in is traditionally dominated by defense boondoggles. The sun is beginning to set on that picture. Its hard to guess what will come to be we have essentially 1 manufacturing person to 1 public sector person to 6 service industry(middlemen) person to 8 people who on pa
  10. More or less, Heroes of Newearth and League of Legends are descendants, with hon being closer to a clone/remake and league has some sort of casual friendly gameplay tweaks. I believe the league of legends player base is becoming rather large, and now think both are on free to play with webshop business models.
  11. Dota2 trailer http://www.cinemablend.com/games/GamesCom-...roes-34293.html
  12. Asol


    Finished The Player of Games by Iain Banks. Great work around themes in games, but flirted hard with the wonky side of sports and games in naratives (abstact and deus-exish drama and resolution at every turn really, orson scott card style...) and characters are very thin. Still worth it. Starting The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver who is apparently very talented, its starting well. Lined up after this are Use of Weapons and Look at the Birdie short stories by Vonnegut.
  13. I agree with Wals here, a dose of prep will serve people far better than hoping for our science priests to deliver a black magic miracle at the zero hour. Agribusiness is the industry of converting oil to food more or less, this is hole in ethanol as a fuel solution, it takes oil to sustain those mono culture fields of corn/sugar/whatever. Oil is just far too expansive and integral of an enabler is present agriculture. Peak oil pretty much means peak food, baring some simply amazing tech and energy developments. Also cynicism, skepticism and a decline in present consumption levels ar
  14. Space Chem is pretty impressive, good challenge and reward and the youtube feature is nice for sharing/showing off solutions. My favorite 'small time' game since Nimbus. Also here is apparently a diver vs sharks pvp game that looks pretty interesting... http://www.depthgame.com/
  15. For holy rolling athiests on youtube TheoreticalBull**** deserves more views than thunderfoot trolling. Definitely not an individual who is fuzzy in the logic department...
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