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  1. atm it's buggy anyhow and only lets you only create lvl 1 character with 0xp regardles of the option you pick. plus i don't think there is a way to dismiss characters other than killing them intentionally either.
  2. i pledged via paypal on the 10th and 16th and had the original prices for pledge tier selection. better contact them about it.
  3. Probably. So why don't you? maybe because i'd like to have my game patched and get the free dlc i was promised which in turn is only distributed through gfwl? you are right. the idiot user is to blame for xp needing a hardly linked (not to mention unlisted on windows update) localized version of a hotfix which in itself is completely independent of locale in order for gfwl to work properly.the idiot user was at fault when gfwl ceased working with standard mtu settings. so what if they are standard? the idiots should have bought new hardware if theirs didn't allow jumbo sizes. are you delusional, or just a troll?
  4. you sign in each time you start the game. you don't see that because gfwl has auto login enabled by default, which in turn might prevent you from being able to play, as was the case for many people with batman. the "sign in once" thing is how it works on the xbox, not the pc. it's easy to vilify people disagreeing with you, isn't it. riiight. so i guess my gg batman copy is illegitimate, just like the serial i received, and same goes for my copy of gta4 on steam.heck, i guess i was being a dirty pirate back when the dow2 mp beta was out and gfwl decided that it wouldn't work for people in networks with standard mtu sizes. the funniest thing of all is that no gfwl problems actually apply to pirates, since they'll log in using offline profiles anyways, thus pretty much dodging the source of all gfwl related trouble.
  5. and gfwl being such an awesome anti cheat tool is the reason why almost all gfwl games with singleplayer have working trainers out on release day which work with you being logged on to gfwl, and why the batman boards were full of topics complaining about ridiculous challenge high-scores shortly after release. the sole point of achievements is to increase sales. cheating has little to no effect on that.
  6. here's another bit on that matter which you might find interesting:
  7. obsidian is the new troika... and just like troika they'll leave me alone in an endless ocean of mediocre bethesda and bioware brainfarts. :sob:
  8. turn off brain and play borderlands, that's what i'll do.
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