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  1. Many (including myself) have complained that TOW is a far too short/small game but the fact is that Obsidian did not have the resources to blow all their fuses on something that perhaps would not work out for their audience. Indeed the Byzantium part of the game is a bit swift and concentrated but I believe that it has rather got to do with trying out the idea of TOW than being sloppy. Luckily enough, we'll have at least one DLC to look forward to this year.
  2. Well, the backside of Adelaide's solution is that her crops will make the inhabitants of Edgewater healthier and that fewer, as a natural consequence of that, will die from malnutrition and as a natural result of that, the amount of fertiliser will gradually decrease. Using volunteers wouldn't be a good solution either, as that might increase the production but decimate the population in the process. For a while an increased hunt on marauders would solve the problem but eventually Edgewater would run out of them as well so indeed it's a short-term solution. Perhaps the inhabitant could learn to actually fish (rather than collecting fish that's already dead) and prepare it in more...traditional ways than shoving it in cans along with who knows what kind of chemicals. I read up about it on Wikipedia and it seems interesting enough. Thanks for the tip!
  3. It’s the Self Governed perk which means 50% post armour damage to corporate soldiers. It’s not to be found among the tiers.
  4. But as always the people would not have any saying in it and perhaps not even any awareness of it all, which is quite disturbing. The problem of feeding the colony seems however to be fixed once the colonists aboard the Hope are revived. Haven't read that book, but I think I get the idea of what you mean.
  5. He would probably also call me "jackass" if I didn't. With this said, I take the opportunity of wishing you (and everyone else here) a Happy New Year!
  6. It really could be anything but yeah, the fact that Earth's "gone dark" does of course not have to mean that it's been destroyed but either as you say, they don't care anymore or there are other problems preventing communications. Even though we can imagine in what state Earth was left behind we don't know for sure.
  7. Eva - now that's a lady I _can_ kill. "Yeah people can't eat this and nothing seems to grow the way we want it to so we'd better alter people's very DNA instead..." That's not quite how to do it. Adelaide obviously has another method working.
  8. Well, Reed Tobson is a corporation man, so working for another corporation should perhaps not be a problem for him as he would in the long run not have to answer to the Board anymore. SubLight are more interested in getting the job done than filling quotas. When it comes to pissing off factions (no matter what character, as I'm not gonna play evil) I'm really only interested in annoying the Board If you've finished the SubLight questline and killed Eva Chartrand, you'll have an extra treat from SubLight coming up at Tartarus!
  9. To be honest, I would not want to see a Fallout/TOW crossover ever, unless Bethesda clean up their act a bit by getting themselves some decent writers (and of course cease with the Fo 76 folly). Should you start with playing Fo4 and then work your way backwards, you'll soon enough find that they're only recycling old ideas, even ripping off themselves. Btw, the creators of Fo 1 and 2 went on to Obsidian. Just saying... Don't mention it. Will finish my 6th playthrough tonight and... What do you think, should I start on a 7th?
  10. The following is a bug that has occurred during each of my play throughs (currently I'm on my 6th). It's nothing dramatic and doesn't ruin the gameplay in any way but still it's a bit annoying. Any time after having landed in Byzantium and gotten to the street level through the elevator for the first time, the elevator's door is closed and there's no way to open it other than leaving the area ("running around the block") and then immediately return. Mostly, upon return, the elevator's door will be open again, but not always. At first I thought the bug was triggered after completing the Why Call Them Back From Retirement quest, but now I've realised that it can occur at any point. The problem is easily bypassed by simply using fast travelling back and forth between the Unreliable and some point in Byzantium, completely avoiding said elevator so my question is: has anyone else experienced this?
  11. I don't know whether this'll help in future plays but remember to be completely off any ladder before attempting to jump or you won't make it (I learnt that the hard way).
  12. First of all you need to compromise and have Cass give you Anton's research without killing her, or this will not be an option. When you return to hand over the research to Anton, choose the dialogue options suggesting that he should take better care of his staff; give him something to think about (of course _without_ having him kill himself, duh ). Some time after the quest is completed (I'm not sure of how long it'll take in game as I just happened to return to the Groundbreaker only days later) you will find him sitting at a table at the Lost Hope and engaging him in conversation he will tell you why he chose not to go to Byzantium. I can only concur! They're not only companions with skills and abilities but there's some real substance to them as well. Well, no, it's not the most exciting story/quest of TOW, but I kind of like SubLight so I always go through with it anyway. But for your alternate story, there.. ghosting SubLight might, looking at their overall reputation, not be a wise thing. They'd probably just take over the C&P factory anyway, killing Reed Tobson and whatnot, but perhaps having Reed work for them as the factory's manager? I don't like Reed's attitude regarding his workers, or for that matter the deserters, but forcing him to leave Edgewater and suffer death by marauders is a bit too harsh. That's got that sorted out. I only killed Cass during my first playthrough (when I completely missed out on Lillian), but as I also missed out on something else in Roseway, my reputation with Auntie Cleo's didn't reach over 65% (not 53% as I believe I previously wrote). However, due to the good ending that will come to Cass as well as Anton Crane if you choose not to kill her, I've never done that again. By the way - you can always kill Clive! ;))
  13. As the previous poster pointed out, the timeline doesn't quite allow for it, but the reason why I have at all been pondering it is a little detail mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas as the npc "Mr. House" talks about having sent a colony ship to space that will arrive at its final destination in a hundred years (Fo:NV takes place in 2281, 204 years after the great nuclear war), but as I found out that the time of the Outer Worlds is set to 2355, it simply does not work out. I don't think that it's too far fetched to initially suspect that Obsidian might have snuck in a reference or two to Fo:NV in TOW (as they, after all, developed NV) but I was wrong concerning this one. Anyway, should you choose to play only one of the Fallout games, it should (imho) be Fo:NV!
  14. Hi! Answering your questions means a lot of spoilers so I've covered them up here below. 6. Now that's an interesting thought that I've pondered myself. Would indeed appreciate if anyone could shed some light over it.
  15. That's Orson's quest... Have you tried going back to him and return the schematics? Orson is, in my opinion, the only one of the three scientists in Roseway who is actually working on something important although he's probably the only one of them working on something not along the lines of Auntie Cleo's. In one of my early playthroughs I slagged him off for mistreating his staff and even though I don't remember what led to that, I ended up with the option to make him kill himself but of course I didn't do it. Better than finding Crane in Byzantium is however finding him on the Groundbreaker! I (like you, I presume) don't care if some people consider TOW being low budget - not everything is about the latest top notch graphics. TOW is definitely one of the best elaborated RPGs I've ever had the pleasure to play and the DLCs can't come soon enough (I expect Hephaestus and Typhon to be unlocked and would be very happy if there showed to be a moon orbiting Eridanos as well)!
  16. The first time I didn't get more than those 53% but for the second time and forth I found another quest that just might have boosted it, but seriously I can't remember whether Journey Into Smoke really has anything to do with it or not. I'll check it up and get back to you as soon as I have, unless you prefer to find out by yourself. Yep, found him in Byzantium. I've never killed him because even though I think he is a moron I kind of feel sorry for him. However, there is an option to make him kill himself whilst still in Roseway. Never done that either. Can't act as the bad guy, remember?;)
  17. Speaking of Felix, I've heard that a lot of people really don't like him and I can't understand why. They guy is hilarious (and his bickering with Max crack me up every time)! The first time you engage Max in conversation after having finished The Commuter quest for the Iconoclasts, he will air his thoughts about said situation, just the same way he'll thank you for keeping him from beating up Reginald Chaney the first time you speak with him after having met with Chaney in Fallbrook but in none of these cases are you prompted to speak to him. Ellie, on the other hand, seems to have opinion about everything pretty much all the time, whether you want her to or not Concerning Parvati, she sometimes speaks up to start Don't Bite the Sun, sometimes not. The same goes for Felix' Friendship's Due. Hahaha, I don't think ADA would ever admit being jealous. I mean, come on, she obviously had a thing for Alex Hawthorne (with her comments like "Captain Hawthorne used to be more dashing") but in a quite suspicious manner denies it all, when asking her if she was in love with Hawthorne). Alas, I've never found out anything past the "(REDACTED)" part. It that even possible? Oh, give it a shot, you'll love it! Thank you!
  18. I've never gotten past 72% so it's really the last 28% I'm curious about. Even after having completed all of their quests in the nicest ways possible (except for that I keep killing the matriarch) I just can't seem to get past that. And yes, I know what you're talking about. Slag him off completely and he will take that _very_ personal.
  19. You and me both - there's a hard block there somewhere, preventing me from playing an evil character. However, I did expose myself to a Youtube spoiler to see the Board ending and what happens if you don't finish your companions' quests and that's all sad for sure. I think I can understand why you find Felix' ending a bit saddening but I'd rather interpret it as he abandons his old ideals and find new ones instead. No kidding! That's one of the reasons why I'm currently on my 6th play-through! I'm on PS4 too, btw, and no the marker doesn't show up but on the other hand the companions seem to say "can we talk?" or "can I have a word?" whenever something's up, though. And after only one play-through you know that they will eventually want to talk and can trigger the conversations yourself. The love for Tossball unites?;) Speaking of romance between NPC:s, I find the "relationship" between ADA and SAM _hilarious_! I fell ill this Christmas and had to cancel all celebrations, why I stayed at home, sneezing, coughing and playing TOW instead. Alas, I've never watched "A Christmas Story" so the name Ralphie rather makes me associate to the ED-E eyebot in the New Vegas DLC "Lonesome Road".
  20. Did that in anyway increase your reputation with Auntie Cleo's? Or, I should rather ask, what's been your maximum reputation with this faction? I must confess I've never actually tried to save the matriarch because I 1) think that Anton Crane is a superficial moron who meddles with things he can't control just to make something like diet toothpaste to get to Byzantium and 2) perhaps enjoy shooting raptidons a little too much. Sooner or later I ought to make a serious try, though.
  21. I'm on my 6th play through and current character's name is Isagel Aniara after the newly named extrasolar system HD 102956 and its known planet HD 102956 b, which in their term were named after a starship and its captain from the Swedish poem Aniara. Previous characters have been Stella Nova and Orion Boötes. Astronomy is the theme here.
  22. I'm on my 6th playthrough of TOW and still haven't managed to get more than a 72% positive reputation with Auntie Cleo's even though I have completed all of their quests with what I define as the "best outcome". I suspect that one must either kill the outlaws instead of compromising with Cass, and/or save the raptidon matriarch. If the latter, what level of sneak is really required to sneak past the spitter hanging around the gas tube slots, because once you get its attention it's impossible to activate the terminal on the other side of the hall. Thanks to anyone who can help me out here.
  23. Ah yes, I forgot that one. I stole it. You gain 1% negative reputation with the faction, which will not affect much as long as your reputation is otherwise good.
  24. Did you do the Phineas ending or the Board ending? Personally I've sided with Phineas on every playthrough as the Board really sucks, imo, but as long as you complete Felix' quest with the outcome that he remains a part of your crew (finding Trask's evidence), he'll get the best ending possible. Companions will comment on various NPCs depending on which companions you'll bring where. For example, Nyoka speaks a lot of good about Zora Blackwood; Max will get into direct debate with Graham Bryant, and both of them will have positive things to say about Catherine Malin, whilst Felix will be reserved concerning Malin, disrespect Sanjar Nandi and be all in favour for Graham Bryant. At least for a start. I'd recommend that you bring out all of your companions to different situations in different adventures and in different stages of their personal quests to find out the most about them and their interactions with other NPCs. But no, the only companion romance with another NPC is that of Parvati's.
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