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  1. Only if you hate free speech. I saw Alice in Wonderland. I liked it.
  2. Last year at PAX. At that time I didn't think I'd be waiting another nine months to play the game.
  3. I liked the gameplay when I actually got to play it. Now that I'm thinking about that it makes me mad that Sega delayed the game. Why must they do these things?
  4. I can kill faster with a gun.
  5. I'm pretty sure Sweden is mostly a Social Democracy.
  6. Do somewhere in the U.S. Disrupting terrorist plots at home would be cool. I recommend Seattle.
  7. Hey now, can't we all just agree that everyone is wrong.... Because they are.
  8. Yes, I'm sure Chuck Norris is getting owned as we speak.
  9. I've been playing NWN2 and MotB. I never really payed much attention to Storm of Zehir. Is it worth getting?
  10. I think that was just Germany and their economy was terrible beforehand.
  11. Today I competed for my spot on the school's golf team. I did somewhat better than I did yesterday but it was still only enough to tie the other player. Tomorrow I have to go back and play another 9 holes to try to get on the team.
  12. Don't you know, he's obscenely rich for some reason and can afford to get rid of money like it's trash.
  13. That's two states away in the middle of the week. A bit far for a wednesday trip.
  14. I played nine holes of golf today. The miserable weather coupled with a score that would have been bad had there been twice as many holes, made for a not-so-great experience.
  15. Don't tell that loud, you make some people here cry Define real enemy. Briefly. Well, for us, I'd say that a real enemy is one who clearly has intent, motive and means to cause immediate harm to the U.S. and/or it's citizens. I just don't think Russia really wants to and China is loving its position.
  16. An osprey landed in a field in a field outside my house today.
  17. BBut it's so fun to read. If you guys stop then who else am I going to hear opposite opinions from?
  18. China=No. We give them so much money that if we went away they would too. Russia, maybe I'm just not following well enough. Why are they enemies?
  19. I don't think China and Russia are real enemies.
  20. So I went to a knowledge bowl competition and we were thinking all day that we had to beat just one other school to advance. Turned out that because we were the only two teams in that division we both got to advance even though we lost. I love winning by default.
  21. Was he? I was unaware of that. Of course, I have no particular hatred of socialism so I'm not sure why I would need to deal with that.
  22. Exactly the reason i'm curious. I'd put my vote in for such evil people as Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr.
  23. I hate you all. Picking on a poor defenseless clown just because he has eaten a few children. You're all terrible people.
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