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  1. Sorry to hear this... have you tried setting the .ini files to read only after editing them? Also, I'm completely with you that this is no bueno. Obsidian really messed up for UW users. I just enjoyed the game so tremendously, I wouldn't want to have missed it if a user hack could help.
  2. Now that seems just sniffy... It's really annoying that Obsidian messed up. But there are working community fixes out there that require maybe 10 minutes of your time. You're really missing out on a great game! Most fun I had in a looong while.
  3. Have you tried going alone? With every crash I had exiting the ship, it helped. Afterwards I could re-enter the ship and exit again with crewmates of my choice.
  4. Could be related to Parvati disappearing... don't know if there have been any solutions, but you should check the corresponding threads. Supposedly, team member can "die" when they are on a ladder at the moment you leave the ship or something.
  5. I just replied in the main 21:9 thread, including links and instructions to setting up either widescreen or 16:9:
  6. Well, that's not the case... While the bad widescreen support is annoying as xxxx, the game is completely playable and enjoyable! You could just let it run in the default "borderless windowed" 21:9 mode. It's Vert- instead of Hor+ and windowed prevents Gsync/FreeSync, but it's totally playable this way. You could follow the instructions under https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds#Ultra-widescreen, which gives you normal widescreen support, only the player weapon gets somewhat stretched. And the HUD sits in the 21:9 corners, but many games do this even with official wid
  7. Weapon model etc. will be huge and stretched, though. For me, this breaks immersion more than the added view on the sides adds. Plus, the HUD gets relocated to the far corners of the ultrawide screen, which I loathe. All in all, I prefer 16:9 until a decent UW implementation is available.
  8. Phineas' Lab is actually short enough to navigate without map or inventory access. So while annoying and definitely a bug, I wouldn't call it game-breaking. Keep playing, friend!
  9. I've got absolutely no stutter, one of the smoothest games I've played with FPS ranging between 60 and above 100 - all settings ultra or high except shadows at low, running a Vega64. Could it be you're experiencing mouse stutter? Reducing the polling rate might help that.
  10. Yeah, I had this one, too... entering the map crashes the game just as well. Epic Release Windows 10 Version 1809 Build 17763.805 AMD Ryzen 5 2600 AMD Vega 64, Radeon Version 19.10.2 Running fullscreen at 2560x1440 on a 3440x1440 display.
  11. No need for that. You only have to make sure you got a 16:9 resolution available in your system settings. And then you can set your GPU scaling to "centered". This shouldn't even change anything about daily Windows. But if for some reason you positively need another GPU scaling for another application, you can always set scaling on a per-app basis in your GPU settings.
  12. Step one is indeed optional, as long as you have a 16:9 resolution available in Windows Display Settings (e.g. 1920x1080 or 2560x1440). If not, you'll have to add it. A quick way to do so is via Custom Resolution Utility (CRU). No need to set your everyday desktop to 16:9, thankfully.
  13. P.S.: I tried taking the Collector perk to allieviate this, but it doesn't help that much in grasslands and breaks immersion in buildings for me...
  14. Plasma often turns enemies to a pile of ash that is really hard to spot, especially in the grasslands plasma-sensitive enemies like marauders and animals tend to occupy. It would be great if plasma ashes emitted a small trail of smoke or at least a glow so we could spot loot even in the grass...
  15. As I'm a big fan of TTD I planned my whole build around Parvati's ability to recharge 25% of my TTD meter - getting perks like Tag Team, We Band of Brothers, etc. But it doesn't seem to do anything? When I activate her ability, it throughs me out of TTD and the TTD meter recharges as fast as always... Am I missing something?
  16. It is... but somehow understandable with only about 2-3 % of PC players gaming on ultrawides and PC being only part of the target group besides the consoles... If they haven't implemented UW support from the start, we will probably never get it... Still, a lot of other games have been offering perfect UW support out of the box for more than 10 years now (Dead Space just an early example), so I'm really surprised Outer Worlds doesn't.
  17. GPU scaling alone did not do the trick for me. You have to make sure you actually have the desired resolution available for your monitor - see my other longer post above... Otherwise the game will revert to weird stretching mode no matter the scaling settings. For some reason the intuitive "preserve aspect ratio" resulted in stretching again for me. What helped was setting the scaling mode to "centered".
  18. I've gone through the same problems. How I got it working at least with 16:9: Make sure there's a native 16:9 resolution available in your display settings (e.g. 2560x1440 instead of 3440x1440). If not, you'll have to add one e.g. with Custom Resolution Utility (CRU). You don't have to set your desktop to 16:9, it's enough that the resolution is available. Next you'll have to change GameUserSettings.ini found in appdata\local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Set ResolutionSizeX and ResolutionSizeY to your available 16:9 resolution. Same for DesiredScreenWidth and DesiredScre
  19. Black character bug was introduced by RADEON 19.10.2 (Optional). Uninstall the driver package and reinstall 19.9.2 (Recommended WHQL) and it should be solved.
  20. Got it working with the added .ini fiddling. But for me, the huge weapon breaks the immersion more than the larger field of view adds. Plus, in an action oriented FPS title I want my health bars where I can see them without looking away from the action... and not in the far corner of my UW. So it's back to 16:9 for me...
  21. Not even necessary. Just keep the UI where it is and expand the 3D view left and right. I'm no big fan of UI elements sitting on the edges of my ultrawide screen anyway...
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