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  1. Western travelers from Kazakhstan
  2. I wishlist 300+ games in Steam. It's normal?
  3. Tried big variety of street food during city day. Very tasty.
  4. Going back to work after wonderful holidays .
  5. Half-Life 2. Much better than any modern 3D shooter (DOOM, COD or any other victim of console gameplay) still.
  6. Dreaming about beach holidays. Two days left...
  7. You miss my point. UK is not even secular state, it's theocratic Protestant state and politicians who use their non-protestant faith as reason for being elected cause conflict with whole state system. Why it's bad? It's can cause reaction by same way as EU pressure cause Brexit, it's can make life of Muslims in UK only harder.
  8. In case of UK it's wrong thing. Since the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, the British Monarch has also been the official supreme governor of the Church of England, the "Defender of the Faith" - fidei defensor. Each coronation takes place at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, where the new monarch is crowned and blessed by the Primate of the Church of England (the Anglican church), the Archbishop of Canterbury. In addition, twenty six Anglican bishops sit in the House of Lords and Parliament itself starts each day with Christian prayers. No offence, but it's looks like not the best place for Muslims politicians.
  9. NIce arse, but what about gameplay? Is it worth to playing or not?
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