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  1. Russia will close off its borders to all foreign citizens from Wednesday for at least six weeks https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/coronavirus-russia-border-close-flights-when-residents-latest-a9405131.html In our region shools and majority of jobs switched to remote mode, public events are canceled, healthcare and military services become high alert, streets and shops are deserted, people prefer stay at home majority of time.
  2. But you are not from the West, but from the South instead.
  3. I really enjoyed spending my time here. Music is very good, food is tasteful and just crazy amount of beautiful people in one place.
  4. Biggest protest in the world, not Hongkong but US colony instead. I'm surprised because colonies exist still and I surprised even more because last colony in the world is US colony. US has been born through colonial rebellion against British metropoly in the past but become last metropoly in own turn now. This is so ironic.
  5. My criticism is not about skin color. IMHO beautiful naked supernatural being must be much more beautiful and much more naked than some granny from Brooklyn.
  6. Yes SJW revenge to hated Witcher setting must be funny, triggered fans generate content every sec now.
  7. Meh. Beautiful dryads looks too ugly, the creators of the TV series confused Slavs with Gypsies, all Slavic medieval vibe what make Witcher setting unique has been missed. We live in interesting time when videogames start surpass TV, they are just better in all.
  8. Western travelers from Kazakhstan
  9. I wishlist 300+ games in Steam. It's normal?
  10. Tried big variety of street food during city day. Very tasty.
  11. Going back to work after wonderful holidays .
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