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Found 3 results

  1. I wishlist 300+ games in Steam. It's normal?
  2. Hello all, looking to draw on some of the experience I'm reading here. I've logged several hours on the game so far with a few different characters but haven't gone all in yet. I understand some of the basics but am wanting to plan a character for the long term. What I'm hoping is you can either point me in the right direction or just out and out gimme a build that fits what I am hoping to achieve. The goal is to have a character that will be good in late-game. Something I'm not sure I have the experience to build yet. *** Here's what I'd like to include: - Human Male. This is a big one. I want that perspective going through the entire game first. - Melee. Not wanting a back of team spellslinger/ranged. Not sure about a stealth character. - Probably starting on Hard if that impacts anything for creation. - Good at conversation? This is more a question than a requirement. Is it worth it? I don't mean min-maxing either. Is the story better, or more entertaining if you have more conversation options/ability to win rolls? I'd be willing to lose out on some combat potential if you think it's worth the effort. - Endgame weapon decision(s): I know there's a significant possibility of spoilers in asking that question, I'm willing to accept. I'm expecting a lot of character design will be based around the best/final weapon you're aiming to get. If there's a choice sword'n'board or dual-wielding would be ideal but I have no clue if either of those are worthwhile late-game. (I'm not opposed to swinging a big two-hander around but for some reason it's my least favourite melee-ascetic) - I'm hoping to use as many acted companions as possible. I'll be going through whatever stories they have. Companion/build suggestions to go with the protag are certainly welcome. (Ie. Should Edur tank or do damage/still grab a hireling?/etc.) *** I haven't decided on the personality of the character yet. Some broader suggestions on what is the most entertaining/fun/makes the most sense are welcome too. For instance back in Baldur's Gate as great as playing an evil party was, for a first run through the game it went a loooot smoother to just play nice and be (relatively) good. Take side-quests, see more of the world, etc. The evil playthrough was a fun idea for after, see the things you missed. No clue if that holds the same in PoE. Cheers =D
  3. Meanwhile in Turkey - Turkish army shoot peaceful civilains. Video (warning, disturbing images) So non-democratic actions! I'm sure in near future NATO establish no-fly zone over Turkey, send ground troops and overthrow this totalitarian dictator.... Oh shi! Turkey is NATO member, in other words Western democraties crap one's pants again. Just interesting how Bruce and other western neocons "democracy"-worshipers explain why in same situation Serbian/Syrian/Lybian/Ukrainian government must be violently overthrow, but Turkish government must be untouchable.
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