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  1. Hello all, looking to draw on some of the experience I'm reading here. I've logged several hours on the game so far with a few different characters but haven't gone all in yet. I understand some of the basics but am wanting to plan a character for the long term. What I'm hoping is you can either point me in the right direction or just out and out gimme a build that fits what I am hoping to achieve. The goal is to have a character that will be good in late-game. Something I'm not sure I have the experience to build yet. *** Here's what I'd like to include: - Human Male. This is a big one. I want that perspective going through the entire game first. - Melee. Not wanting a back of team spellslinger/ranged. Not sure about a stealth character. - Probably starting on Hard if that impacts anything for creation. - Good at conversation? This is more a question than a requirement. Is it worth it? I don't mean min-maxing either. Is the story better, or more entertaining if you have more conversation options/ability to win rolls? I'd be willing to lose out on some combat potential if you think it's worth the effort. - Endgame weapon decision(s): I know there's a significant possibility of spoilers in asking that question, I'm willing to accept. I'm expecting a lot of character design will be based around the best/final weapon you're aiming to get. If there's a choice sword'n'board or dual-wielding would be ideal but I have no clue if either of those are worthwhile late-game. (I'm not opposed to swinging a big two-hander around but for some reason it's my least favourite melee-ascetic) - I'm hoping to use as many acted companions as possible. I'll be going through whatever stories they have. Companion/build suggestions to go with the protag are certainly welcome. (Ie. Should Edur tank or do damage/still grab a hireling?/etc.) *** I haven't decided on the personality of the character yet. Some broader suggestions on what is the most entertaining/fun/makes the most sense are welcome too. For instance back in Baldur's Gate as great as playing an evil party was, for a first run through the game it went a loooot smoother to just play nice and be (relatively) good. Take side-quests, see more of the world, etc. The evil playthrough was a fun idea for after, see the things you missed. No clue if that holds the same in PoE. Cheers =D
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