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  1. last year i made a fire tanky (magicien classe) with good dps but not enough in solo . by op i mean rly powerfull build overpowered in poe1. im still trying to theorycrafting some build's but dunno if it work.
  2. hello guys , i want to know is there is an op builds here cuz im looking for an rly powerfull builds to ply with
  3. well its seems like you want to kill your enemy with 1hit in early game weach is immposible, and if you want an op classe who can do a good damage at the early game you can chose monk or mage they are a little op at the early but you should know that to be more powerfull you need to leveling and searching for items who work good with your classes you can visite this site to know what armor and weapon etc........ you want https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Item. if you want to not die at the early game you can take eder and aloth and late game you can play summoner it really helpfull and viable build.
  4. well as i know you can use crossbow or bow with cipher , and cipher can be support i guess or dps :D that's all what i know at the moment sorry
  5. well sorry i cant help you a lot now cuz im only in my 3 new game x) but i can suggest to you to ply tanky fighter or crashed damage fighter
  6. thx for ur help. for exp: tank need damage reduction+health(endurence) but might to to increase his damage ? and i want to understand this if i can reach max damage if i get items with only damage multiplier ? like i did with my barbarian
  7. my formation is eder(tank) and monk in first line and behind them my druid xD and about video u can make with with phone while u playing and put it here letter :D
  8. i dont know but it seems like a good build but if you put some screen and video it will be so nice, i did a new game nad i picked monk this is my first time with monk so i cant talk about monk right now at least i need to finish the game 2 times with monk and then i can start making build etc..... for the moment im palying focus on story and quest but soon or letter im going to make build's for monk and i have a lot of idea x)
  9. hello guys , firstly i want to tell you that im new in this forum's but and dont know if im new in game or not cuz i already finished the game one in normal difficulty and im playing new game in hard not path of damned. what i want is to understand all mechanism of game : damage equimpent weapon's talent etc....... cuz im like theorycrafting and like to make good and new build's but first i need to know if there is like crazy damage in poe 1 and if i can reach max damage or not so plz support me with ur comment thx.
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