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  1. You can pick Eder and Pellagina with sword and shield and 2-handed in other slot. For me Pellagina due to paladins Lay On Hands and revive. 15% less dmg from not taking talent is not that big deal so it won't make 2h useless instantly. I never used Durance in front line. For me he's way too important to be dead. If you want durability with some dps - hire frontliner. For me it would be monk/fighter/barb set to dual wield and this talent that increase movement speed. If you don't want to hire anyone, kick kana out and take Pellagina AND Eder both with shield and single weapon/2handed in second
  2. For me Pillars are cool game where basicly you can do anything you imagine and with well build everything will be reliable. You want fighter in heavy armor and two handed weapon? There you go. You want rouge with light armor and estoc? Sure, can do it. Dual wielded cipher? Why not. Wizard with shield! No prob. Just imagine what you want and start making character like you want. Here you have some guide https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77827-harder-than-a-pillar-a-fighters-handbook/
  3. Made some test yesterday for myself to find best melee character monk vs rouge vs fighter. Dual welding. Dump RES and INT max STR, DEX, PER rest 15 CON. made builds as good as i can. If rouge can land deathblows its rouge>monk>fighter. With deathblows edge for rouge is pretty big. Rouge had 30% endurace left. If rouge can't get deathblows then monk>rouge>fighter. Now monk was like 30% hp left. They were build to dual wield legendary, durgan refined purgatory. Btw made also test woth same setup drawn in spring vs purgatory vs bittercut. They were wielded by fighter. Purgarory=bitter
  4. Hey, my computer barely can stand smooth gaming and i can't imagine to start video taping it also :D i can assure you it's pretty strong from beginning to end game. This is not some fireworks build but is a solid, high damage build. Just put it in second row formation right behind your tank and if you set aggressive AI, you can even forget about him, seriously. He can do well himself. Still my target was to deal with spell-casters asap and I don't like risking my rangers to come to close to front line to shoot back-line mages.
  5. On the first run i also get a little WTF at the end. Like they are, or they are not gods and what should i do as good guy. I was like damn, it's false circle. Every nation, every world would rise for thousand of years just to came up with same conclusion that there are no gods. What i miss in Engwians logic is how they actually discovered that there are no gods? How in their minds the world was created? Since we don't have any evidence of these and actually how can you confirm that god don't exist? In those cases i come up to conclusion that I will support animacy to see to what conclusion thi
  6. Hey, when moderator approve my build check it out when it will be shown in class build and try it Difference is you want Two-handed weapon and i used dual. It will be named DPS Monk
  7. Hello Everyone, I know game is out for some time now, but i enjoy it enough to finish it a couple of times. I read forum pretty much and community seems still active here. Would like to share with you my build. In RPG games i always go for melee guys, as ranged and spellcasters always annoys me and so is this time. With this build I was able to end game on PoTD with 300k overall damage, where Manhea, as second damage dealer in party made like 80k. For Boeroer and many other guys who knows game well this wont be anything special, but might be good option for someone like me who always think spe
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