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  1. Maybe a change to psychic backlash? It was op in one of the later poe1 patches but I think unlimited use with a strong penalty/weaker effect would be better.
  2. Yeah I was thinking affliction attacks missing but the game throws so much crap at you in combat that you probably get hit more than enough even with high defenses. Would affliction resistances be that helpful? Maybe only resolve to keep your inspiration from being removed.
  3. FF definitely has some interesting balancing acts to make, Defenses too high and you miss out on wounds, high might making the curse damage effect stronger (I assume it does anyway)
  4. I have been wanting to play a high resolve character for a while, which forbidden fist seems ideal for. It seems even more biased towards single class monk than usual with imagined pain at pl9. Any reason to go multi?
  5. Imagine some sort of heart extracting Mortal Kombat style fatality on near death enemies, letting you get on kill effects and giving you rage, I would accept abilities costing 2 more rage in exchange for that. Maybe in POE3..... Something else that I think could be improved is the ship combat, a greater accuracy penalty for shooting outside cannon ranges and a reduction in crew injuries would make things more fun for me.
  6. The current Corpse Eater could have no penalty and wouldn't even be that much stronger than the generic barb, just give him -5 reflex
  7. Someone has probably already said it but Corpse Eater needs a change. Thematically a cannibalistic warrior in a South Seas inspired setting is great but mechanically it is not quite there. A passive on kill effect would be a simple fix but it would be a shame to waste the animation/concept of eating the corpse. Maybe add a further power level buff on eating a corpse?
  8. The more I have played the game, the more I have come to appreciate single classes over multi. Having access to higher level abilities almost always matters more than multiclass synergy for me. I also prefer strength at low levels over classes that are strong with ideal gear at lvl 20. A single class ancient druid kind of exemplifies this, mushrooms at level 1 and early powerful insect swarm can carry the early game.
  9. Is the round system necessary? A combat system based purely on a form of initiative would seem better suited to the current system. Combat starts at zero and then characters take their actions based on who has the lowest initiative. Movement (limited by stride), a free action and a full action per turn Actions and movement would all add initiative with recovery penalty acting as a multiplier. The amount added would depend on the d
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