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  1. I have never played FO:NV because even the disc version of the game requires Steam.
  2. I am also considering the $65 tier, but only if the boxed version does not have online activation. I collect games and replay them often. If I buy a disc I want to be able install and play it 10 years from now without having to worry about DRM.
  3. If you don't know the difference no amount of explaining will help.
  4. If you make a TB, isometric, party based game with a controllable party and good tactical combat like ToEE, I will give you at least $500. If you make it RTwP I will give you nothing!
  5. In the first two Fallouts there was something extremely......satisisfying..... about a good blow to the groin in HtH or melee combat. I still have fond memories about freeing Tandy from the Khans by defeating Garl in the ring with a few good below-the-belt hits.
  6. I would also vote for a more spread out world. The only time I got a real "Fallout" vibe from FO3 was when I was exploring the mostly barren outskirts listening to the radio with the camera zoomed out as far as it would go.
  7. Do a search for VATS of Sawyer's posts. Basically, he doesn't like VATS because of its potential for exploits. VATS is game breaking because of its disruption of F3's basic real time mechanics. I pretty much suck at FPS games which tends to kill the "immersion" in standard FPS/RPGs when my real life lack of skill keeps getting my on screen character killed. I liked VATS because it at least allowed me to survive in a FPP/RT environment so I could appreciate the rest of the game.
  8. Yes me too! Merry Christmas and thank you for MotB! You have given me something that has been missing since PST. I will go home tonight and play an RPG that actually feels like a role playing game.
  9. Question for Monty as a NWN2 modder. I'm new to NWN2, but I'm really loving MotB. Is there any reasonable way to Mod in TB combat? Or if not how about a configurable auto-pause?
  10. I gotta say I am not a big fan of either Bioware's NWN1 and KOTOR1 or Obsidian's NWN2 and KOTOR2, however MotB is really great! It is the best RPG I have played since PST and shows that the folks at Obsidian still know how to make a game. I am now eagerly looking forward to their next game.
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