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  1. I am not tired of them at all. Indeed, I like them a lot Faerun is vast enough to provide a plethora of new gaming opportunities, while also having the advantage of deep lore and some degree of familiarity from previous games. As far as I am concerned, it's a perfect balance. There are many non-D&D/non-Forgotten Realms RPGs out there and some of them can provide 'a break' from the Realms, but I always enjoy coming back for more D&D/Forgotten Realms CRPG goodness when a good title is created in that category. It would be sad to see such games disappear from Obsidian's repertoire.
  2. Where did you hear/read that? I have been following 4E news closely, but I must have missed that. This messes up multiclassing somewhat. It would probably be better to give two racial hit dice to each starting character, rather than triple hit points.
  3. I just want to add that I do hope that Obsidian Entertainment does not transition to its own IPs only and that it does continue to create new D&D/Forgotten Realms RPGs. Although I do not doubt that Obsidian is capable of creating its own quality IPs, I do love D&D/Forgotten Realms CRPGs and would hate to see them disappear from Obsidian's repertoire, particularly after Obsidian's stellar performance with the Mask of the Betrayer.
  4. This would indeed be an excellent feature.
  5. I agree completely. I loved the Baldur's Gate series, but I too have never finished NWN 1, even though I bought the Platinum Edition of the game. Heck, I did not even finish the first campaign... NWN 2 was/is vastly superior to NWN 1, and the Mask of the Betrayer simply blew me away - it is an outright excellent game and one of the best CRPGs I have ever played.
  6. First of all thank you to all the Obsidian Developers for making the Mask of the Betrayer as good as it was... and it was excellent! Now onto my question: In the past several years, Bioware has moved away from creating games based on licenses, such as D&D/Forgotten Realms and Star Wars to create its own IPs. Since then, Bioware has avoided creating any D&D/Forgotten Realms games. I have seen some statements that Obsidian Entertainment is also in the process of creating its own IPs. As such, can we expect that Obsidian Entertainment will also follow the path that Bioware has tread and cease to create any D&D/Forgotten Realms games in the future? If so, that would be a very sad fate indeed for D&D CRPGs.
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