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  1. How about bologna and whipped cream?
  2. Due to an upcoming surgery I need to move my computer from my basement to an upstairs family room (an addition). My home network consist of a total of 4 computers (including my computer and a spare gaming computer and 2 printers in the basement (one moving to the upstairs family room). The family room as one ethernet cable going to it now for my son computer which is staying there. I also have television hard wired to my main tv plus one for the basement. My network now consist of cable (Charter) coming into modem then to a four port wireless router in the basement. Wireless router connects a
  3. Tyvm! Hardest part is the communication bc he doesn't speak and tried to do sign language but ain't ready for it yet. Those moments when u realize ur both on the same page are priceless Hang in there red. My youngest son was diagnosed with semilobar holoprosencephaly at age 2. Over the years he has chosen not to speak. He 25 now and he communicates with a talking program on his Ipad when he wants to. We also use the two finger method for yes and no questions. It not easy but keep at it. The more you can interact with him will help in the long run. Hopefully you will be able to get all
  4. We're going to Disney World in February. My oldest son works there and got us free tickets and 60% off our room. Could not pass up the good deal.
  5. My current PC is can get really loud when I push it. I can take some noise but the quieter the better. I have been reading a lot of reviews of cases and it looks like Antec, Coolmaster, NZXT, plus a few other have gotten good reviews. This is all been very helpful. Thanks guys.
  6. I work as a graphic artist but seldom do any serious work from home. Mainly used to play games. I will take your advice and stick with 16GB and save some money.
  7. That looks really good. I plan on getting window 10 from my work. I do not plan on overclocking so a non-k CPU would save me a little money. Would it be worth get 32 gigs of ram, or would it be overkill? I have to remember that website (PCPartPicker).
  8. I was think of a 600w to 800w power supply. I am looking for a case with good airflow and easy to work on. I am pretty open about about the look of the case or color. I was thinking anywhere between $75 to $125. Will be playing current games (Fallout 4, POE, all the new or semi new RPGs) on it. Right now I have old Dell T3400 playing everything on low if they play at all. Thanks
  9. I am planning my first build. I have always either upgraded an existing computer or bought stock. I have a budget $1000-$1250 (US). I decided on a Intel i5-6500, 16 gigs of ram, ssd (OS), 1TB hard drive,and a decent power supply. I cannot decide on a case or video card. Any thing from a plain box or a few leds. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. If you have any questions about Rural Mail carriers both my wife and daughter are ones. My wife is full-time and has 15 years in and my daughter is part-time for the last two years. Its a good job if you can stand all the other workers.
  11. Yeah, was a bit tired and forgot to include the link. But it's when you pinch someone in the bottom. Haha, nice! I would've thought it was a common saying. Might be more of an american thing maybe? As an American who has also only heard it (from what I can remember) from the WoT books...I don't think so. It sounds like it could be British...or maybe deep South American? Not sure! I heard of a lot while growing up in the 60's. By the late 80's it was disappearing. I hear it from the oldtimers like me.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will give Foobar2000 a try.
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