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  1. Sorry - epic fail on my linking skills. Here is the proper link to my formspring: http://www.formspring.me/GZiets
  2. Thank you for the kind words, guys. I will miss the people at Obsidian, and our fans as well. Also, if you feel like chatting about Obsidian games, the industry, or whatever, feel free to swing by my (newly created) Formspring page: http://www.formspring.me/GZiets. I
  3. If you do pick up the game and enjoy it, I would humbly recommend trying the expansion (Treasures of the Sun) as well. We learned a lot of lessons while making the main game (not so different from NWN2 to MotB, in a way). On TotS, I think we finally hit our stride in terms of area design, more open spaces, and a less linear experience overall.
  4. Personally, I like LP videos. They're a little bit like focus testing - they give me an idea of how players are experiencing our games. I can't speak for our publishers, though.
  5. I'd guess probably not, since I'm not even sure who owns the rights. But I'll mention it to the Powers That Be.
  6. Thanks for the props, C2B! Originally, we had planned to give the companions larger roles (and quests of their own), but these were cut pretty early due to schedule constraints. Based on what was in the game, you probably caught hints of what those quests would have been. I also wanted to give more "screen time" to the Katarina-Lucas sibling relationship, but that suffered the same fate. Story vs. action was a difficult balancing act for DS3 - possibly the toughest challenge I've faced so far in my career. Some action gamers have told me that we got the balance just right, others actu
  7. Travis is a great (and very funny) writer. We will miss him.
  8. I can answer this one. John G. wrote a good part of Anjali's dialogue, and he did an overall polish pass on many of the side-quest NPCs in the game. Travis wrote most of Reinhart's dialogue and about half of Katarina. He also wrote a lot of side-quest NPCs like Leona, the Gunderics, Drakomir, Fitch, etc. The remainder of the side quest dialogue was written by the respective area designers. I wrote the main plotline dialogues (Marten and Odo, Dapper Gent, Meisters, Jeyne, archons, etc.), plus most of Lucas and some of Katarina.
  9. Crispin is a great guy to work with. Also very knowledgeable about RPGs, anime, and storytelling. When we were in the studio, he was asking tons of in-depth questions about his character, the story, themes, etc. Always a good sign from the writer's perspective.
  10. Jeyne herself is well-conserved for a 50 years old woman I think. Her armor is nice too! She's pretty special. Yup. There's a good reason for that!
  11. Yep. Odo is talking about the same farmlands from DS1.
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