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  1. Glad to hear i could be of a little assistance. Yugioh who knew . The whole mystic thing screams monk to me though, getting an airbender vibe from it.
  2. After reading your post and agreeing with you about the current (poor) state of paladin subclasses NocturnalTrance i will try to flesh them out. I decided to settle for using the old trickster template (again) to beef up the paladin orders. Here's what i came up with: Bleak Walkers Learns select spells at the following power level: 1) Black Blade ~ Replaces Flames of Devotion, Corrode damage and life-drain 3) Death Coil ~ Minor Ninagauth's Killing Bolt 5) Animate Dead ~ Summons 3 vessels to fight for the caster (skeletons?) 7) Hatred ~ Minor Avatar and self damage buf
  3. Cool idea Nocturnal Trance, but i fear that it will be way to powerful. Paladins, who are arguably the second best class in the game don't need very much to put them over the edge, this is the reason why pala multi is usually horrendously op and why pala subs more or less suck (read add very little and are not very focused). Your idea would add all the mobility of a rogue, hands down the best cc in the game and some core priest moves like "divine weapon" to the best defensive class in the game, its to much. Even with a condensed tree (5 abilities) it would still be to much. I see t
  4. Casters in general are a weaker pick as opposed to melee builds, it kind of comes down to a number of issues, some of which are unavoidable duo to the way casters are set up and function in games in general 1) sucky early game Early game casters are usually set up with weak defences and a general lack of (casting) things to do, making them for the most part feel like dead weight until a certain lvl is reached. Double the penalty for multiclassing as it makes reaching these magical spots harder and you have a recipe for disaster. 2) lack of (spellcasting) actions Spells are to l
  5. Slightly off topic for this thread but still relevant I've been wondering how to make wizard "subclasses" more interesting and relevant. After getting some answers as to what is possible in regards to modding (sincere thanks Kilay) i decided to settle for using the old trickster template to beef up the wizard schools. Here's what i came up with: note: All penalties and such stay just the way they are. Subclasses keep their extra's unless noted otherwise. Conjurer Conjurers know that the best way to win a fight is by letting others do the dirty work for you, thus they specialize in
  6. Kind of feels like a quick fix Kilay, and while appreciated i feel we need a more definitive solution modding wise. There are already several mods out there that either give specialist wizards more spells, just remove all penalties, give access to other schools by means of opening up the grimoires. It does not feel very useful to add another option in the sense of sort of sucky specialists next to true sucky specialists (base game) next to all the options we already have available. Another counterpoint would be that these are in fact all Major schools of magic, so arbitrarily dividing
  7. Alright, it is time for another class theme write up. This class archetype is well known and much beloved, sitting right there in the space between druid / barbarian and priest, a much multi faceted class for sure, dealing with themes such as protection, healing, spirits and elements, soothsaying and providing guidance for the tribe. Often using song and dance as a means to connect to their source of power, all the while upholding rituals, honor and ancient traditions while being the fountain of wisdom for their tribes, the shaman is a natural fit for the Chanter class. SHAMAN
  8. As i have explained earlier the whole Fampyr thing is a placeholder, it fits the right thematic space on the class, life / essence drinker but not the correct feel / theme. Also like the blood hunter "the controlled monster" and / or baelnorn "the good lich" this class has some elements that subvert its own tropes. In this case a druid trying to push the equilibrium into his own favor (balance for everything BUT me) Wheelbreakers hate undead / vessels not because of their undead nature, but because they are agents of the jailer (Berath). They don't really give a crap about subversion o
  9. Like most other people in this thread i also believe that specialist wizards, including evoker, suck. The reason is simple, you give up a lot of versatility for little to no gain. Its also very sad to realize that the actual power of wizards lies in the use of the grimoires. The best wizard builds are built around using the "perfect" grimoire / set of grimoires so you have to select as little spells as possible during level up, using those points for other things. (like your multi class). It also does not help that grimoires hold some of the best special spells in the game, but those at le
  10. Remember people, while the devs control the main direction of the game, they did open the game up to "easy" modding so after a while we could all possibly get the balance we want for our game regardless of what the devs decide. No need to be glum about a never ending balance war which will never play out exactly like everyone wants (impossible mind you)
  11. Dunehunter the class is not an attempt at creating a true Fampyr / vampire class. Imho a actual Fampyr class would be a Cipher subclass in this game. It is a first attempt at a dark druid type class not focused on decay, but rather life-bonds and that which connect all. Thus in Eora a focus on the in- Between / soul essence and manipulation of both through pulling on the threads that bind us, and the world together. In a sense a Wheelbreaker is one who seeks immortality trough essence manipulation, more or less like animancy only through esoteric / soul related means. The Fampyr is ju
  12. I agree with everything said in this thread so far, especially with regard to rogue multi classing. I believe the answer to "fixing" rogues lies in accessibility. To "fix them i would propose the following: 1) More Sneak / Backstab Rework sneak attack to always require two or more effects in order to be active, in addition damage scales with # afflictions. Rogues should care about both positioning and # number of afflictions. Just being next to your fighter should not enable sneak attack, you need to work for it using actives. In addition to stealth backstab should also be enabled
  14. Guys as you can tell i like making up builds and tying disparate abilities, ideas and concepts into a whole in order to create some fun classes, that you guys, the modders, can then turn into the real deal. However i don't know how much of what i make up is actually possible to be realized in game, which leaves me with a few questions. 1) Are all abilities we see in game freely interchangeable between classes? 2) Are all game assets able to be turned into abilities? (summoning NEMNOK would be one such example) 3) Can we give attribute points to characters at certain points / during l
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