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  1. Probably a better way, true. I just went and cleaned out the imperial command with Eder (and so kith targets). Lots of small rooms easy to get small skirmishes in and he's geared enough at that point that he doenst really take any dmg so i can just dot everybody and watch them die. I used gouging strike out of habit to be honest. I've both but found it to be just all around stronger, anyhow.
  2. Edit: Dots indeed. Gouging strike is the culprit. Deep cuts doesnt seem to trigger but ive got a consistent (100% but low sample) proc on kills with gouging strike.
  3. Bump, enemies seem to be randomly treated as vessel. I've it had proc against nagas, kith, for sure, else i dont really recall. Also, my wielder was Eder, so the bug isnt carnage related even if carnage seems to also proc it. It also triggered on enemies attacked by but not killed by Eder such as with Aloth's aoe spells (I.e Ninagauth Freezing Pillar/ Chill fog -and not the weapon's proc one-). So yeah, just bumping on this one as i havent really tested it through since it wasnt really gamebreaking for me. I now have it on my witch cipher but havent played much will report back. -T
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v9pnwaehrz79ubf/Triskald%20%28CrookspurFort%29%20%2897985b7a-64bf-4f6e-94d3-0da43ae789f5%29%20%28771468239%29.savegame?dl=0$ https://www.dropbox.com/s/1njpibb9lbp9hml/Amira%27s%20wings%20bug%20exemple.bmp?dl=0 Here. Tried to have the picture as relevant as possible. -T Edit: I played a bunch with that item since my previous post, and i double down on the above. May this be fixed soon. output_log.txt
  5. Bump. Seems tied to the unique AttackRangedHorizontal Game data and component the Rake is using. Its the only spell that does in the whole game. However its a dll files we can't really access so i've no way to be sure. As it stands and since the issue is that the spell indicator compute the range of the rake with the caster as its starting point i had high hopes that replacing the "launchsource": "caster" line would resolve the issue. But it hasn't even when the line "FromCasterPosition": "false" was added. Would very much like recognition on this one since im playing a rymrgand themed
  6. Hello, its already been reported there : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102335-amiras-wing-not-attacking/?do=findComment&comment=2070470 I've been playing some more with it since my reply there and it does seem to be terrain related although the behavior is very erratic. Reloading a given map did nothing to fix it for me (i've tried the steps you describe). Cordially - Triskald.
  7. Bump. It's still there, i've fiddle around with the code. The anomaly appears tied to the sword prefab ("prefabs/items/appearance/weapons/sword/a_sword01_v02_watcher.asset") that we can't have access to. (i hoped one could simply dl Unity engine and try to solve it for oneself but you can't really decompile thoses unity 3d files anymore) I was hoping this was an issue with the on equip visual effect, maybe a wrong value for the glow. But no, as it stands, the only way to make the sword look normal again is to replace the awakened sword prefab (v02) with its former v01 loosing the glow alt
  8. Hello, Would simply like to chime in on this particular issue which i've encountered as well. If Haran's post suggests the variable is the character which you're hitting, according to my testing its due to the projectile interaction with terrain. (Tldr at the end) Indeed what's special about this Rod is the attack, a gust of wind whose width is huge instead of the normal sphere of energy. I've checked the files of the items in the game data bundle and even if i'm no programmer this is plain Json, and there is no discrepency whatsoever, the item should work as intended. Point being
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