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  1. I really dislike Berath's Blessings because they're given for just playing the game. "You've started the game! Here, take this a achievement" In my opinion they should be given for something a bit more difficult and optional. Like finding obscure quest solution, beating difficult optional boss, that kind of thing. Take "Stormwind Sails" as example. This blessing could be awarded for obtaining both Bardatto Hull and Valera Sails and keeping peace between both families. Right now Berath's Blessings feel like cheating, which is also hinted by their absence from Challenge Mode.
  2. Conjured Blackbow is still pretty decent for pure Wizards. Supported by buffs such as Citzal's Prowess you can get some nice DPS Spellblade (Wiz+Rogue) is neat, you get large damage increase from Sneak attacks and buffs from Wizard. It's reliable and quite good. Sage(Wiz+Monk) can get both Citzal's Lance and Instruments of Pain, which means you'll be creating explosions from 9m range, dealing massive AOE DPS Every time i use Blights i feel like i lose a lot of DPS to blights switching. Each blight lasts for a fixed amount of time and if you're in middle of animation when the switch
  3. Ever heard of Gorecci St.? I didn;t find it too bad. I thought that the fight before meeting Aloth was much more tricky - I had to use some cheap tricks to get past this one. Gorecci Street and pre-Aloth Digsite encounters are challenging on PotD only if you limit yourself - meaning you run just with Edér and Xoti and you refuse to buy weapons/use consumables. You can easily get 5 party members as soon as you reach PM, you can buy super-powerful Essence Interrupter or that unique Club, both will drastically decrease difficulty. If you decide to limit yourself, follow this guide
  4. I disagree. It was nerfed for casters (by removing 1 PL) and fixed proccing from itself, but it still has: Split damage (pierce/slash) nearly twice as much damage when compared to standard scepter Good chance to proc decent AoE attack 15% corrode lash Its damage output is very comparable with The Red Hand. Please do some research before you write off things because they were supposedly nerfed.
  5. It's a great weapon one of the best actually but late game. The obvious first choice for two handed ranged weapon is the red hand in the crossbow/arquebus class. Fleetbreaker and Spearcaster are just a grade bellow it but better than anything else not named the red hand. I am talking about two handed reload weapons of course. Two handed recovery weapon like the two unique Hunting Bows are very good too. Fleetbreaker is just a tiny bit bellow The Red Hand in terms of DPS, but it's not obtainable early. Essence Interrupter is very strong bow that sacrifices a bit of DPS for r
  6. Doing only main quests and beating the game with level 20 shouldn't be a thing. Reaching lvl 20 should require completion of Main Quests, all installed DLCs and about 60% of all optional quests. Anything less than that makes the player max out too soon. However, i think the best way to fix experience in Deadfire would be decreasing amount of XP for Exploration, Bounties and mundane quests. There's simply too much "free experience" after you leave Port Maje. You can explore everything for 2-3 extra levels, do like 15 bounties for another 2-3 levels and boom, you're level 11 before
  7. Chanter. Summons feel awful, sure they're strong but the implementation is just so bad. Their buffs are super strong but every time i see Chanter i want to puke because chanters just lack any theme and they're just standing there, singing. Like, can it get more boring? Priest. I can't shake the feeling that priests were rushed. You know like when you have week to do something and you do all the work on the last day's evening? Priests have no unique talents, many of their spells feel like low effort copy/paste from Druid or Wizard. Heck, Priest subclasses "steal" abilities from other classes in
  8. Hunter's fang: gotta polish that Citzal's Lance I guarantee that Heart Seeker will be used to make some great chedarr. Think of Watershapers focus piercing AND bouncing twice. Frostseeker crit explosions? Fractured shot? It's certainly going to be fun. Cheese aside, it seems that i'll be starting single class melee Ranger tommorow.
  9. Gladiator-like soul-powered class. Focus on raw power, bleeds and self-empowerment, using primarily shields and melee weapons. There could be support to multiple playstyles such as: SnS damage dealer, with skills/talents that utilize shields as weapon. Talent [impact] - every shield equipped by Gladiator has Bash. Size of shield affects bash damage (Large shields have super-strong bash) Ability [brutal Strike] - Full attack against enemy. If you have weapon in off-hand you inflict long-lasting bleed, if you have shield you bash enemy with massive force, dealing high damage and knocking hi
  10. Name that stuff. There's like one thing that comes to my mind - communicating with Eothas by touching Adra Pillars. This can be completely cut, as is said information could be relayed by companions/NPCs instead of having in-between talks with mom and dad (aka Berath and Eothas). After you complete Digsite you're followed by hundreds of souls... and the first thing you do is giving some guy nasty stuff so his belly stops aching and he pukes out a worthless pearl? Really?
  11. Well, no. At the beginning there's Port Maje. You get stranded and you manage to clear out Engwithian digsite and rescue animancers. It's quite logical, everyone on the island is rebuilding and they don't have time exploring and fighting so that there might be chance of saving few guys they didn't like anyways. Clario certainly cares about missing animancers, but he simply can't spare manpower to seek them, half of his city is flooded after all. So there comes a person with nothing to lose and promises to seek missing animancers in exchange for help with his stranded ship. So, you clear
  12. POE2 would have much better story if PC wasn't the Watcher. Watcher is "locked" to high-level game - working with gods, against gods. Heck, he had souls of whole nation in his hand. Gods pull him into in-between at whim and he gather souls of fallen kith. It's extremely immersion-breaking switching between Pirate/Bounty Hunter, Watcher and Adventurer/Errand Runner every second. Also everyone is rambling about their ****ty issues while you are supposed to handle stuff related to gods. Like, ffs Xoti stop your rambling, Gaun/Eothas aren't gods anyways. Wouldn't be Deadfire better if you
  13. Are we playing the same game? I have like 10 sources of Fire, Corrode/Acid and Water/Ice damage at level 10. You have 5 characters at hand, it's extremely likely that one of them is Druid/Priest/Wizard. As for Wizards, there is Decay, Fire and Ice spell in every tier (as far as i know), and you're free to swap grimoires. Then you have large amounts of scrolls, grenades and possibly unique items with various lashes. These can be used by pretty much everyone. Furthermore raw damage is pretty accessible, Ninagaunth' spells are doing massive amounts of Raw damage, Cipher has tons of Raw dama
  14. You're a better designer than whatever Obs has at the moment. This is the kind of "balance" I can get behind. The way to make content more challenging. Encounter design! No AI changes are needed for this, just some terrain changes, archers on the high ground, stuff like that. I'd love to see this, plus encounters where NPCs "break rules". For example you're going trough dungeon and there's room full of Ratuai Marksmen. They have sky-high damage and they obliterate everything that moves, even tankiest of tanks, but they reload for a long time. One of the solutions could be bouncing
  15. /* upscaled PotD without blessings and mods */ PotD is just too easy, and it can't be fixed by increasing stats of your enemies. As the other guy said, afflictions are way too weak and they're much stronger in player's hands than if used against player. Most enemies encounters are very simple and straight-forward. For example Hasongo has some great encounters. The first one is 5 Naga Archers on high ground, backed by Caster. Way to them is blocked with barrels and 2-3 Naga Champions. It's easy to mess up and it requires special approach. Why don't we have bounties with similar
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