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  1. I fully agree, they're great. As a multiclass, it's okay if amazingly boring, pity that it's a use case where you're better off taking as few cipher abilities as possible. They also don't work as single class strikers. They have no mobility, their self defences are less powerful than mage spells of equivalent power level especially once you account for wizard buff casting times and durations most of the time (borrowed instinct is a high-level exception), they have no way to recover from messing up which even rogues get even if they don't get self healing. It's deeply lacklustre. At the
  2. I'd rather stick to fast accurate weapons in general and I also don't feel like farming gear of random non-hostile NPCs, I don't play murderhobos even in tabletops. Maybe one of the unique clubs? That said Modwyr is good in spite of being a sword which are lacklustre as a base weapon.
  3. By the time you get Borrowed Instinct (which you can only open a fight with at level 18) a wizard can chain cast enough self buffs in your recovery time to stack more nspirations at the time when it actually matters 99% of the time, namely the opening of a fight. Llengrath's Martial Mysteries literally makes a completely unoptimized mage better at cipher's striker role than a cipher. Even taking into account that Citzal's Martial Mysteries is PL7 and Borrowed Instinct is PL5 most of the useful mage melee buffs are still lower level than both, and by the time a single-class wizard gets CMM, a c
  4. I've been trying to make Lover's Embrace work on rogue multiclasses but since it seems TLK can only really be used as a fight opener due to its "on stealth" not triggering off invisibility, assuming equal speed weapons on both hands, is it certain that one hand will always hit first when doing a full attack or dual wielding? I assume it's always the right hand assuming equal speed on both?
  5. I'm probably weird in that I preferred the relative mechanical simplicity of POE1 (figuring out what's additive, what isn't, and how the non-additive stuff actually works is a lot for my limited math skills and the new skill system at times feels excessively granular). Worldbuilding-wise though I vastly prefer the second game, I appreciate the willingness to get away from old school fantasy standards even if sometimes it doesnt feel like enough. The ship is also a much, much better base of operation than Caed Nua.
  6. Fast cast and long recoveries makes ascended a huge trap option in turn-based for one; by the time you have access to disintegrate, ascending gives you 3 rounds to cast 3 disintegrates (which are slow casts on a class that has basically no way to get concentration outside of Soul Blade melee kills) at +1 PL, the focus cost however would be enough to cast 4-5 of them on another spec. If anything I'd say it doesn't make it a trap option as much as it shows how much of one it already is, it just makes the structural issue of the concept more blatant. That said I realize that you seem to b
  7. Deadfire in general seems to shy away from stackable accuracy buffs in general, which considering they've also flattened enemy deflection a lot is probably a fair thing. Also re cipher: let's be honest, the class needs a ground up redesign that turn--based is only going to make more apparent. It basically only shines in the vancian challenge mode and POE1's vancian world for a reason; the capability to self-buff/self heal at least would work around that in terms of giving them more things to do than hope to stack enough focus to cast a level 9 power that's worse than ryngrim's terror after
  8. Not that clearly in-game, and even less so in the first game, especially given pain link was at least castable on self (heck you could cast mind wave on yourself in 1), and blood mage's class description clearly states that most scholars don't believe it's supposed to work so clearly one class is allowed to break the game universe's own received wisdom (incidentally blood mage completely, utterly eclipses cipher as anything but a charm stick and soul annihilation battery that also sucks as the spellsword the class is sold as, both of which are unfathomably boring playstyles, a straight barbari
  9. Cipher's buff echoes (plus a few of the offensive ones like soul shock) being non-self targetable at this point feels like a weird sacred cow; it's hard to agree that being able to cast Valorous Echoes on self would be inherently overpowered especially when the comparable wizard spells and fighter actives are comparatively free actions. Pain Link was self-targetable in the first game; imo there would be honestly no loss of balance if that was restored and with that list being expanded to Soul Shock, Valorous Echoes, Pain Block, Echoing Shield, Amplified Wave, Ancestor's Memory, Driving Ech
  10. It's just been fixed, many thanks to the linux dev(s) for eventually fixing the issue
  11. The download for a full game installer is technically there, but not a patch, and the full installer is corrupted
  12. Even with the nerf Soul Annihilation is still a ridiculously good focus spender, it's just not quite as mandatory for a melee cipher build
  13. Would it be possible to get a version with all firearms doing crush? I'm still a bit non-plussed that the only weapon that should be too weak to beat pierce immunes (bows) somehow got dual damage. I can't wrap my head around the modding thing yet
  14. At the risk of being a nag, is there an ETA on the linux version on GOG? I still can't see it so I assume there is still an issue of some sort?
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