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  1. At this point I'm only hoping the July patch fixes the companion and broken quests issues so that I can actually continue playing the game. I honestly couldn't care less about mods when game progression itself is borked like hell. It's extra frustrating to know there's expansions coming and yet the main game is bugged into oblivion, even more so when you find what you played so far great but game breaking bugs just rain on your enjoyment every step of the way.
  2. From my experience, they do reply to your reports but it definitely may take a lot of time to do it. (I sent mine to https://support.obsidian.net/ ) It took around 11 days to get a reply (other than the automated response) to a ticket about a corrupt installer that eventually GoG solved (I'm guessing, I think the problem was in their end too), so I guess that 2 weeks sounds about right. This being said though, I had sent three tickets about three different issues, the first one was the GoG one, but the others, definitely more recent ones, got a reply a day before/same day as the first ticket
  3. Thank you for your reply. I'm pretty sure I attached the save to the post but nothing appears here so I'm not so positive anymore. I'll leave a Dropbox link here just in case.
  4. Relationship scores range between -2 and +2. Really? That's only half of the circle. Weird. Agreed, that's why I assumed it was bugged. Especially taking into consideration that other faction related circles go way beyond that. Not to mention, that would mean you can easily max out companion relationships as early as the beginning of the first arc. Doesn't sound very logical to me either.
  5. Xoti's trigger in the Old City Ruins in Neketaka still isn't working. This save is right after interacting with the soul there. Once you click on the conversation trigger that pops up, nothing happens at all. It's an issue that happened before the patch and still does. Others have been reporting other similar and worse issues related to companions in general and Xoti in specific, seemingly being the one who's the most bugged. Please check those too. I know that fixing and balancing combat is important, but the fact people have to sit on the game because quests and companions are bugged or utte
  6. I felt the same about Xoti before the patch, like, she was the only companion that didn't really talk or react much in general while everyone else seemed to have some steady level of progression on their dialogues. I can't say much because the farthest I got before was little after Maia joined my party. Another issue, also before the patch, was that she had a conversation trigger in the Old City Ruins (either after collecting Bataro's soul or after finding the explorer, can't really remember) but then didn't really say anything, which I assume is a bug. I wanted to check if that was fixed in
  7. I replayed all the way to Neketaka to check if they had fixed a conversation trigger with Xoti in the Old Ruins. Can't even check it now because the game crashes on the lift to the Old City. Ohwell. Next patch when?
  8. It doesn't seem to be mentioned there and I've already posted about it in another thread but I guess I'll post it here too just in case. Some companion questlines or dialogues are bugged. When I got to the Old City Ruins in Nekataka and let Xoti do her lantern thing, the conversation icon appeared on her portrait but once I clicked on it, nothing happened. And from there onwards, Xoti hasn't said anything new at all. Seems like other people are also complaining about Maia (link to the post with the save game) and I'm sure that something similar happened to Éder in the beginning but I didn't p
  9. The same has happened to me with Xoti so far, after collecting a soul at the underground Ondra temple, the icon appeared by once I clicked nothing triggered and no matter how much I tried there was nothing new in the dialogues. I don't think I have the save file but will edit the post if I do.
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