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  1. Thanks for the link. Soulbound Club? Where? Also, do you know where I can find Aamiina's Legacy hunting bow?
  2. Disagree. He brings much more to the party as multi-class and it's not even close. If I were building him for shark-shift, then pure Druid only for the 3rd tier wild strike. His best water spell is chill fog by far, but his chanter benefits easily outweigh what you give up in the druid tree. Well I am guessing you are mainly speaking for Chants as benefits since there aren't that many invocations that outweigh the priority of using them before druid spells ( correct me if I am wrong ) and by the time you exhausted all your druid resources "usually" the fight has ended. Well
  3. ( Didn't know where to post this, hope I am to the right page ) After playing a fair amount of time, I couldn't find any remotely good ( or any at all ) of the above mentioned equipment groups. Can anyone share his knowledge and finds for those groups? Need to plan out my party Weapon Sets before restarting. ( I mostly ask of this cause as per current version you "cannot" respec your PC without loosing a great deal of things. ) Thanks!
  4. Since I am waiting for the Difficulty fix patch for GoG I am stuck here thinking how awesome (or not) Tempest will be. Specifically Nature Godlike or Heath Orlan , Berserker+Shifter , Sven addict. The main concept is casting few aoe lingering spells( Mostly Storms ) and buffs/debuffs at start then change into a desired form and start barbaring the shiat out of people with electricity Wildstrikes. Simple but I wonder , will it actually work?( on PoeD+LvL scale ) Any comments, tips, pointers are significantly welcome. Any good items that you know off that boost the spellcasting ph
  5. I won't say anything but this. Tekehu = pure Druid, going multi or even worse pure chanter is a mistake you will regret.

  7. Well if you ask me I would say 100% pure Ranger, so no Multiclass. All her passive and active Abilities for single target dps are too good for this role so you shouldn't maim her progression at all. Her Accuracy is unparalleled resulting in many Crits. I wont go in depth for Abilities but I will say that you should consider Concussive Tranquilizer(Upgraded). As per active skills I totally recommend : Primary Alchemy: Applying poison before fight and hitting that back row Mage and dying after 1 shot is too strong by its own rights. ( And you can assume that it will hit with your kind Acc
  8. Happened to me once. After doing something else for the few following turns the button ungreyed. I am not sure if its bug or something that triggers through specific points.
  9. Hmm why people are calling it Bow when it's clearly Sword. Am I missing something here? ( Got the bug too!!!!! )
  10. Oh and I thought I was the only one :/ ... I really need the fixed difficulty patch so I can play
  11. Was waiting for Mirke! ( Still I expect things to be patched/fixed by then, especially level scaling >.> )
  12. On Saru-Sichr Morningstar item description : Poison Dipped enchant says "0 Corrode damage per 0.0 sec for 0.0 sec on Hit". (Effect is applied normally)
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