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  1. Nice! I've been waiting for some sort of announcement on this for a long time now... Yes, Dungeon Siege has never been known to be the most in-depth of RPGs, pretty much just a hack n slash and loot-grabbing fest with a loose story to give the game a reason to exist, but I've still enjoyed countless hours of gameplay between the first two and their expansions (actually just played through the first one again recently), and regardless of the lack of depth in story, there was still a whole world of creativity within it. I've always thought there's so much more that can be done with the world setting for Dungeon Siege. Hopefully Obsidian is up to the task of really making this an incredible experience. I think they are... I have to say I'm a little surprised to see that Obsidian is the developer, however. That was the last thing I was expecting to see. I didn't think Chris Taylor/GPG would be so eager to relinquish this franchise to another developer... Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but I just never ever expected to see that Obsidian is to develop the third installment to one of my favorite hack n slash franchises. I have good feelings about this. I think Obsidian has learned a great deal through their development of Neverwinter Nights 2; I'm hoping and looking forward to seeing this rub off on Dungeon Siege III. It's good to see they're going to incorporate the "moral decision-making system" into this one, kind of like Mass Effect and The Witcher, from what I'm gathering thus far. That is an element that can really help to open up a lot of plot twist and overall story development with some depth to it. We shall see. Can't wait to see how this turns out...
  2. Can you post a link to a screenshot or something? EDIT: Judging by your rough description, I'm thinking this is something I've dealt with myself. Now I don't have a GeForce 8 series card so I'm not totally familiar with the settings in the nVidia Control Panel for this series, but assuming they're roughly the same as the GeForce 7 series, this might help you; see my solution posted in this thread. Hope this helps!
  3. Ok: Kreia and the Exile are speaking of Visas Kreia:I warn you, do not mate with her. No matter what urges.. lust.. you feel. It would cause.. uncertainty(something to that effect) Exile: Its not like I'm gonna charge up her loading ramp Kreia: ... *Visas looks up, and Briana feels a tingle down her spine, as they both run towards Kreia's room* Visas: My life... for yours Briana: not a chance, Schutta. *Exile slowly backs out of the room as that section of the ship is broken off by the ensuing cat-fight* ...And "echoes" were felt through through the Force..." LOL, can't help but to bust on the theme behind Obsidian's writers... They used the "echo" reference a few times in NWN 2 and about 1,000 times in KOTOR 2, haha...
  4. Wait, what? I'm not following. WOW, now that's like no english I've ever seen... Architect, I'm inclined to think he might be messing with you, LOL... And if not, then what on earth did you mean to say, Gorth?! That's fantastic.
  5. Oh, you think that was the part he missed? =! = <> HAHA, yup, my bad... That went right over my head, and all of a sudden I don't feel so bright... I'll just shut the hell up right about now...
  6. ^^^ Huh? By the looks of it, everything out there is saying that it's NOT KOTOR 3-related. Did I miss something?
  7. Actually, just do yourself a favor and totally disable UAC. That is one of the silliest things I've seen Microsoft add to Windows. I mean, in theory, it is effective, but it's too much of a nuisance, for this exact reason. God forbid if you want to make any modifications to program files... I totally disabled UAC and I now have a copy of Vista Ultimate that behaves exactly like XP did; no problems, no hassles. If you open the Security Center from the Control Panel, you should see UAC options. The first thing you want to do is simply disable UAC; after doing so, you will have to either have to log off, or totally reboot, can't remember which. Once you get yourself rebooted and back to your desktop, you can go back into the Security Center and choose an option in there, something like "change the way UAC notifies me". When you click on that, it will open options, and you want to select the one that says "do not ever notify me (not recommended)". Select that option, and it totally disables UAC and you will never be prompted by that crap again. Other than that, you might have to manually adjust some of the permissions on files, but typically, that won't be necessary after disabling UAC. Hope that helps!
  8. HAHA, I love it... I hope LucasArts isn't planning a KOTOR MMO, they won't have too many fans on that, according to this poll... I love the first KOTOR; I was literally ENTHRALLED with that one for MONTHS. KOTOR 2 got really boring, really quick. I found myself trying to find something else to keep me busy; it just didn't have the same "magic" that the first KOTOR had. Not sure why exactly, but it just didn't do it for me. Now, don't get me wrong, I still played through KOTOR 2 a few times now, but I would just as soon reload the fisrt KOTOR and play through that again. I think one of the things about KOTOR 2 that really got under my skin was not only all of the cut content and overall "incompleteness" of the game, but also that wretched ending. I absolutely despised Malachor V and the Sith Academy at the end of the game. What a perpetual waste of time, it was so repetitive. I found myself wishing the end would come soon, and the awfully anti-climatic ending just made it even worse; it made me feel like I wasted my time for a whole lot of nothing.
  9. Sion, perhaps? But he's in KOTOR 2, not any movies... Never heard of Serron...
  10. Heh, you and me both. I really, truly hope that even if they do decide to make an MMO out of KOTOR (which really, in theory, is a very plausible idea), they don't neglect a conclusion for the single-player KOTOR campaigns. I personally don't play MMOs, so resolution and closure to what they started with the first two games is absolutely necessary, I would think...
  11. Meh... I'll be waiting for the live action T.V. show that's coming down the road. I've never really been a fan of animated Star Wars stuff...
  12. Heh, I've got Galactic Battlegrounds and its expansion, Clone Campaigns. It's good fun, actually; I still pull that one out once in a while. It was actually developed by LucasArts directly, sans the AoE engine. Empire at war is pretty fun as well, though I'm finding it monotonous these days; it only holds my attention for so long before I have to move on to something else out of sheer boredom. That one is developed by Petroglyph.
  13. Heh, nice Gorth, like the Luke/Vader dialogue...
  14. Haha, can't agree more... I have a special hatred for Atton... Canderous is great, he just makes me laugh all the time, especially his run-in dialogues with civilians on Dantooine in KOTOR 1. He's out of his mind... Jolee is worth some laughs too, he's a feisty old man...
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