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  1. I have personally slaughtered some barrels in it already. They explode nicely. Barrels? Not crates? BARRELS?! The new game is going to suck. Crates are a big step. We want to make sure things are right before crates get added in.
  2. I have personally slaughtered some barrels in it already. They explode nicely.
  3. No. It is wrong to not want a World of Darkness or Horror RPG...
  4. I would love to do a cyberpunk/Shadowrun style of game... or World of Darkness I think with our preference for darker storylines, we could do well with these.
  5. Sounds like some info we need to torture out of him.
  6. A few of us talked about it a while ago. The problem is our Podcast would probably be a bunch of drunken nonsense or NWN2 stuff. We can't talk about a lot of the things we are doing yet, and Seinfeld kinda cornered the market on shows about nothing. If you guys have ideas for shows, let me, Matt Rorie or Monty know and we'll see what we can do... Maybe the drunken nonsense would be fun
  7. It's sort of a mixed bag. We did quite a bit of optimization with Storm of Zehir, but at the same time there is a lot going on on those overland maps. We suggest a higher minimum specification and that should be reflected on the box and in the manual. But! Once you get in and start playing, it's pretty cool. I can't wait to see how the modders and PW people use the overland map.
  8. We have removed our servers from the server list. Hopefully we will see some improvement.
  9. We implemented a hundred or so spell fixes, done by RPGPlayer1, into 1.12, I believe. As for TonyK's AI....
  10. Yeah, that's everyone. Alvin, you forgot to turn the lights off again.
  11. One of my favorite games, right there. I lost many hours of productivity with that game
  12. Regardless of who makes it, I would like to see a more in-depth MMORPG. Something story-driven that evolves over time depending on player interaction. Something akin to a persistent world created by Neverwinter players. Cost-prohibitive, more than likely.
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