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  1. So I needed some extra hands against the dig site fight. Immersion wise this was ok, sometimes we just need a greater party to do something right? Even in D&D, there are sometimes NPC's that help us. Anyway, how can I kick my created adventure permanently? Am I killing it the only way? I like to see this situation like someone that I hired for a single mission.
  2. The slow loading bug is fixed. Thanks :D
  3. I know this will not have any priority at all, however, listen to me out here for a second. The use case for this request is simple, I have two weapon sets and in both cases, I use the modal. However, when I swap to another slot I have to reuse the modal ability. If the part AI can fire an event when I swap weapons I can auto enable the modal. Another thing, thanks for adding more options to the AI system, like the modal abilities. However, I should like to be able to use the modal abilities without having the right weapon equipped because at the moment I need to first switch my weapon before I can select it's modal in the AI system, just display all of the proficiency weapon modals, please. Last point, if this request is too much why don't you keep the modal on/off based on its last state. It should remember my last used option (on/off-true/false-1/0).
  4. Voltron, do you think this build can work on the new patch? I really want to give it a try, however, I won't abuse the system. Can this build still work without the cheesy stuff? I will play it at a party so it is a lot easier right? Could you please update to 1.1 if needed and can you please list the entire ability list like in your other build?
  5. I agree with that, just saying that the jump between the first and second game feels weird. I completed the first game 5 times on potd solo without any problem.
  6. My problem is the fact that the early game is much easier than the mid to late game. Even after the patch. There just isn’t a good flow. I don’t mind reloading at all and the first game felt a bit easy, this is almost perfect in my opinion but it need more love. This patch feels rushed.
  7. Well, that doesn't mean much. You make me want to jump right back into the game now. I didn't try the beta patch, so can't comment but in a completely abstract scenario I would prefer PotD to be really really hard. Like almost "bull****!" hard. Seems like a good 2nd/3rd playthrough option. Some fights do feel bull***** right now. Especially in the beginning of the game. Most of the reworked fights are actually really really good, difficulty wise. But others feel too much to the point it is not fun. Again you can win them by making 4 custom guys but that does not feel right, story wise.
  8. The first thing that I noticed was the buff to armor, it felt a bit strange at first. For example a skeleton (not wearing armor) had an armor level of 11. Anyway in the end I like this change. My problems are with the new fights, some of them feels great, some feels empty and 2 of them are impossible. Let’s start with the good ones. I love what you guys did to the first cave. The useless constructor got some new friends and the locket chest has an exploding gift. I love it, feels great and a lot harder but fair. Other good changes was the beatle fight in the dig site and the boar/wurm fight also in the dig site. Some fights din’t receive love at all or seems easier. For example the fight in the adra pool. There was only 1 wurm and a single imp. Now here is the problem, when playing in the hardest difficulty with level scaling up on. It is impossible to kill the looters in Maje. I love the mage but there are just too many. Eder just gets one shoted. Tune it down please. And there is a game breaking fight. The one with the drake at the dig site. This fight is impossible, 1 drake 3 wurms 4 panthers 2 board, etc... What the **** is this? And at level 4.... Again companions just get one shoted. Yes I can spend 1k and build my own guys, however, I want to experience the companions mission. To bad they suck stats wise... Please try to balance this 2 fights. I can’t continue at the moment. I enjoy hard gameplay but this is just a no go. Harder then the end boss prior to the patch...
  9. People will alwats complain, before this patch they where mad because things were op and this made the game easy. Now the game is a lot harder and in my option really fun. This always means tha they can't play their OP stuff. All they want is to complain, ignore it.
  10. Did the ranger class get any buff? If so what?
  11. That jumping was bull**** anyway. I hope they leave it out. It just seems like an odd change. It wasn't like it was OP or anything. It was a bit broken, however, it is the only good scepter I know about so that is a shame.
  12. Oh yeah, even the cave part a much harder. The fight by the constructor for example has 4-5 skeletons, and the fight by the locked chest has the exploding guy at level 4. A lot of good changes so far, my biggest probleem is the armor buff that everyone has. For example the skeletons at the cave have an armor rating of 11.
  13. 10 Hours in the new patch and: No bugs so far, PotD is feeling great, my lovely skulls are working, I don't need to skill op skills anymore, etc. So thank you guys a lot and have a wonderfull weekend! You guys really deserve it.
  14. That jumping was bull**** anyway. I hope they leave it out.
  15. Actually I think it may be working for new saves. On the boat scene at the start of the game some of the sailors (My sailors.) had a skull on top of their head. I really hope it is fully working now. I have scale upwards only.
  16. The moment you return to your body and the statue starts talking the screen/game froze. I could get past this by pressing 1, the voice over was working fine, only the screen did not move untill the drunk guy walks in. (Dialog lines does not change aswell.)
  17. Yes, however it is quite a big hing. I should think they should have at least mentioned. EDIT: Downloading it now, will check it to be sure, however, I don't have hope.
  18. Are you guys for real? There are more posts about this then the podt difficulty. This is a shame. I have been waiting for nothing... I guess I will shelf the game for now, again.
  19. While waiting for patch 1.1, with I hope to see next week. (BTW, communication has been very, very bad so far.) I will try out Neverwinder 1. Never played it, and I have no idea what to expect.
  20. Think they will bother to buff the Silver Tide? Ill be sticking with this race, but the amount is so small i cant see a reason to pump might. Quite sure they liked where it is at the moment.
  21. Level scaling is working as intended and capped at 3-4 levels up or down. I guess most people don’t read the forums or dint watch the q&a. The difficulty indicators where hard coded and does not work when level scaling is on. They will replace the entire system, they will simply display the enemies level. Please read the other 100000 pots on this topic or whatch the start of the q&a.
  22. Well, each to his own I guess. I enjoy one-shot/burst single target builds. For example in Borderlands 2 I was running exclusively melee Zero and with Love Thrumper shield I was one-shotting from stealth every enemy, chaining that for kill after kill. Beat game 3 times like that :D. Each to his own. You can also stand in their faces and tank as Fighter and Cleave them- sounds as boring to me. In general PoE2 combat is boring. Too many interesting things like Ciphers, Rangers or Shapeshifter druid feel weak and under powered and too many classes do the the same- melee and procing effects on enemies (Barbarian, Monk, Fighter). Sould Blade for example- you replace spamming FoD, Pen Strike, Barb Blow etc. for spamming Soul Anihilation that has slightly different visual effect. Sounds so much different in gameplay..... Still my fav one is Chanter as at least there are many different things I can do in combat :D. 100% with you. I also love sniper/one shot builds. But I don’t like this style. Tbh I don’t enjoy solo runs because they always involve this kind of stuff. Quite sure you can still play this build with out the fast reload/stealth abuse.
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