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  1. If the quest is something like finding a young girl who was snatched away in the night by trolls then NO a quest marker shouldn't be made available to anyone on any difficulty level. If however the quest is go talk with Lorekeeper Alith who is well known and lives in 1 of 200 houses in a big city, then I think a quest marker is very helpful and appropriate. Basically if the location of the quest objective is common knowledge then I would appreciate map markers, otherwise exploration is required, as it should be!
  2. hey hey, been here since forever... read a lot, but rarely post these days.
  3. good stuff here guys, I'm in! pledge was originally $250, but has been upped to $258 for the Order, and may even reach $508 or $758 before the end of the day. I shall henceforth be known as: Nullifier of the Obsidian Order http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1074138817/comments
  4. heya! I'm new too .. Hoping the new announcement will be BG3 :D
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