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  1. Привет. I was inactive big amount of time because of overtime work. I will make changes to translation when I return to home.
  2. I did it as separate package because I integrated translation to Deadfire Localization Fix which was made by Phenomenum. Great thanks to him for giving me permission to making this translation on basis of fix.
  3. I encountered small bug. New Moon and Nature Godlikes' passives don't appear on character creation screen. But they appear correctly in the game itself so this isn't crucial.
  4. Damnit, Berath's and Hylea's challenges make boarding incredibly frustrating. Especially Berath's: companions, who isn't in squad, but fight on ship also die 10 seconds after knockout. Why does it exist? They cannot be controlled and their knockout can be overlooked easily, saving them is a huge pain in ass. Limit it only with active party members: I don't want to protect another five or six Velas. About Vela herself. Saving her is more manageable (withdraw is necessary though) but I had a number of silly situations when Vela was killed before I got control of my party. Not good.
  5. Nope! It's not extra phrases that grants bonus to PL. It's the already stored phrases that grants the bonus. If you cast a PL 5 invocation (with 7 phrases stored) you get a 'based on 7 PL bonus' of some kind. Ah, so that's how it works. Thx for the help. Will give it a try.
  6. One question about Bellower Chanter. Did I understand right that invocations grant PL bonus when they are casted with extra phrases, but max amount of phrases is stll capped by cost of the most expensive invocation? And actually we have downgraded base chanter until PL3.
  7. Tactician with crossbow or arbalest modal. Just shoot and regain discipline. of all the ways to exploit the tactician's bonus you chose one of the slowest ...and laziest. Of course, this is unoptimal way, but it's funny how easy discipline can be regained with tactician subclass. Especially it looks silly in game with Woedica's Challenge.
  8. This. Seriously, Conjurer is the worst wizard subclass by far. Many of Conjuration spells (such as summoned weapons) doesn't even get benefit from increased power level. Tekehu subclass isn't bad though.
  9. Nah, even on Tactician game became too easy from middle of second act (thx to ridiculous stat scaling and OP source spells). Maybe, it will be fixed in Definitive Edition.
  10. Bunch of Leaden Key followers was angered by fact that there is a god which wasn't pathetic engwithan AI.
  11. Looks like some Neketaka guardians share this aura. I gain Zealous Focus when stay near them and lose it when go away.
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