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  1. The reason I want to multi a Beckoner is because of 2 things: 1) Summons scale of character level not power level so outside of getting access to new summons pure Beckoner's summons are not any stronger then a multi's. 2) The later summons have a base duration of 25 seconds. So basically outside of summons what are you going to do all you will do is use phrases and auto attacks.
  2. Really strange phrase I think it's just a plain 6 sec phrase with 3 sec linger. A lot will depend on it's stats. Seems hard to justify though there are a lot of good phrases by then. Isn't that the same level you get the lifesteal phrase? *edit* Actually that seems to come the power level before and it has a 10 sec duration so it should easy to rotate with another phrase.
  3. Let me guess 10 wounds for the might and Int boost and spam spells? And a Glass cannon Berserker who will DPS while using pets to tank and block? Cleave city? Anyway my first will PROBABLY be a Beckoner/Fury. Basically pets to tank while I spam Foe only AoE on everything (Relentless Storm and the Insect Spells). Should be an absolute room clearer.
  4. Beckoner will be may starting point. It can contribute so much without having to take up a lot of actions to do it. The question is what to pair with it. At the moment my front runner is a Druid, either Lifegiver or Fury. Either more heals and DoTs or pure offense with Storms for all.
  5. You know I was thinking the exact same thing. I know a Paladin/Beckoner is effective but after you use your shared FoDs what else do you do except auto attack? Add to that having a tanking class combined with another tanky class seems a bit of a waste. To me I thinking what would synergise with Beckoner not on an ability level but on a playstyle level. For example: Beckoner/Helwalker. The idea being that Helwalker is a great offensive character (Might/acc/attackspeed/lash) but is really fragile. So he can hide behind the summons while dpsing and even gives a +10 int boost (eventually). Another one may be Wizard(Evoker)/Beckoner. This is purely a playstyle combo where the Wizard is good in shorter fights but weaker in longer ones whereas Beckoner are tilted in the opposite direction. So when the Wizard runs out of steam then fight has gone on long enough for the Beckoner to really hit their stride.
  6. I would say they are about equal. Sure healing can raise health but a shield can actually raise your health above it's maximum. It's proactive rather then reactive. Even if it does not stack there are so many good phrases now that you can have plenty of others to pair it with. Flame Lash, Range reload, healing, etc.
  7. Actually it will be amazing for Beckoner since they tend to have a larger number of weaker creatures so the extra penetration may be just what they need to break a DR threshold.
  8. Doubled health but half numbers = identical health over all. Beckoner summons do 2x damage plus they do something in PoE2 that was very important in PoE1: they block space better.
  9. There are a some really stupid topics, but yours is definitely not among them. There are some nice synergies between chanter and monk. Few examples: Combine "Her courage thick as steel" (30pt damage soaking shield) with a "Dance of Death" (generating wound every 3 sec as long as not getting damaged): since the 30pt-damage shield kind of stacks you can make sure little to no damage comes trough (every single hit over 30 dmg will come through, the rest will get catched). This is nice because you can get wounds without getting hit and also the nice ACC bonus (up to +12) and it won't stop soon because you'll suffer damage seldomly. You can even combine it with Blade Turning. Turning Wheel and Iron WHeel will come back at higer power levels, so it might be very benefical to keep up 10 wounds all the time because you don't get hit a lot. With 10 wounds a Helwalker can get +10 MIG and like any other monk, he can also get +10 INT via Duality of Mortal Presence. This boosts chanter's AoE and stuff like the healing of Ancient Memory, the damage and healing of Soft Winds, the damage of Dragon Thrashed etc. like crazy. Mith Fyr and Lightning Strikes stack so that you'll have +30% shocking damage and +25% burn damage on all your weapons. With Duality of Mortal Presence and 10 INT from it you can also make sure that your linger time is so long that you can have two different (non-stacking) chants running without a gap. For example Mith Fyr and that really neat weakening chant I forgot the name of. The Long Pain works with Sure-Handed Ila, making them shoot even faster. Long Pain with Ila + Mith Fyr is very good. Skald's special feat (gets phrases when he crits in melee - sorry, melee only) works well with Swift Flurry (30% chance to trigger an additional attack on a crit - which can also be a crit and so on). THis can lead to a fasteer phrase cumulation of the Skald. Especially if you cast "Killers Froze Stiff" on the enemies first - because in Deadfire a paralyzed target gives you a 50% hit-to-crit conversion(!). And so on. That combo has some nice potential. You could also hide behind summons while doing damage and be almost completely safe doing great damage.
  10. Appreciate the testing. I was wondering how people were keeping up perma skeletons with Beckoner because I was basing it off the idea that you stopped chanting while casting Invocations. You do during the recovery but the recovery is a lot shorter then the cast.
  11. Is there still the talent that lets you ignore the negative effects of going against your order's expectations?
  12. Paladin/Beckoner here. I love that sort of mass buffing of a pet army. Does the Bleakwalker/Kind Wayer FoD buffs affect the FoD your allies get if you have Shared flames?
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