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  1. My main for POTD was a Shield Bearer pure: I went with: Str 19 Con 10 Dex 3 Per 9 Int 18 Res 19 Pure shield Bearer, PoTD was incredibly easy, maybe I will have more of a challenge doing Iron man mode with this guy. The lay on hands was incredible strong, and I built this guy to never have any loss of control. Charms or stuns never held on him very long, and then he could rez party members, hold engagements, or keep people from dying.
  2. Different ships different tactics. Some ships have higher health hulls, some of higher health sails. Focus on an area that is a weakspot on the ship.
  3. Two weapons go great with Kind Wayfarer subclass. 2 white flame effects as long as they both hit. However, I would multiclass into another offensive class, as there arent enough paladin abilities that require accuracy to make it a viable pure subclass.
  4. Didn't occur to me to try and double White Flames with Kind Wayfarer. Anyone know if this is still something you can do in the beta?
  5. Right now in the current version of beta Resolve does reduce hostile duration effect. Might was reverted back to all damage and healing and +2 fort per point.
  6. I think Wizard is better off as Debuff/Control oriented rather than damage. No more damage bonus possible for might, much slower casting speed. If you max out dex, Perception, and Int we now have a controller not really a damage dealer under most circumstances.
  7. From what I understand there will be companions that are exclusive to heterosexual relationships and companions that are interested in homosexual relationships, also some that are interested in both.. Josh Tweeted on a question relating to romances in Deadfire: "Among our companions, we have men who are attracted to men and women who are attracted to women. Are they the characters you want to have relationships with? I can’t know that. Even if every companion we made were pansexual, you might still not find someone you want a relationship with".
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