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  1. Well, I did? Or all those discussions about lore I've read and participated in were figments of my imagination. One would also think that if people love to talk about companions so much it just means that those companions are actually good.
  2. Uh, how does roughly 20-30 minutes of companion cutscenes and dialogues (which include not only romance, for that matter) out of 50-80 hour games translate into a datesim, I wonder?
  3. Funny you should ask! When you recruit Pallegina, you can ask her about her and Maneha, and she says Maneha just got the wrong idea, so no, they were not a thing. So at least there is some consistency here unlike with Eder.
  4. Yes, I don't think it's working as intended. Choose honest almost every time, but pick couple of bluff options, and suddenly characters seem to think you are shady, Probably would work better if those dispositions were mutually exclusive, so picking honest option in conversations would decrease shady disposition or vice versa.
  5. Regarding new companion relationship system in general I think it would be better to have more tiers to their reputation (with more conversations upon reaching each tier) than just 2. It could even be the same amount of reputation required, just divided into smaller tiers for better tracking.
  6. Well, I for one like Bioware romances and don't see what's wrong with being able to choose from multiple companions with different personalities, depending on what character you are trying to roleplay. Most of the companions available for romance in their games are closely tied to the story and all have some kind of build-up prior to the romance itself, so it's not like all of them are itching to jump your character's bones from the start. And I don't really get where "it doesn't bring anything to the story" argument is coming from, since the whole point of romance in my opinion (or really any other type of relationship between characters, be it friendship or hate) is to make your character's story more immersive and personal. And the best part is - they are completely optional, nobody is forcing you to romance anyone. That being said, I find current PoE2 romances and new companion relationship system lackluster in general, although there are some nice moments here and there, and it is definitely a big improvement from the first game, where you can sacrifice babies and kick companions into the blood pools without the rest of the party batting an eyelash. So much this. I would add Solas to that list. Doesn't get more tied to the story than this :D
  7. Well, I'm like 1/3 into the game, so can't say for sure about the actual amount of dialogue (beyond 2 conversations at 1 and 2 approval), but yes, Eder does notice and has a banter with Aloth about it, so I would assume other companions do too, it just didn't trigger for me yet. Maia also had a "shame you've already "accounted for", captain" conversation with my character. Also, upon entering Queen's Berth Aloth had a cute little line: "So many people, I much prefer quiet evenings together" (not sure if it is location specific though). And there was this scripted interaction, where you can enter a swimming contest, and Aloth says: "I'll keep a close watch on your things. By which I mean your clothes". Aloth coughs uncomfortably and lays a hand on your discarded belongings", though I can't be sure if it's romance specific or he is just being his awkward self :D
  8. Probably bugged. And here's another thread where people have the same problem - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97900-aloths-approval/ I also reported this issue, hope they will fix it soon.
  9. Imported saves, Aloth in my game is anti-Leaden Key, suppressed Iselmyr, so here's that.
  10. I thought I would post it here, as several people on this forum (in this thread https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97900-aloths-approval/ ) as well as in other places reported that they are experiencing problems with Aloth approval stuck at 0 specifically with the player character. What made me think that this might be a bug and not due to unfortunate player choices is this quote about certain quest resolution path in Deadlight: I took the same path and did not get any reaction from him, positive or negative, whatsoever.
  11. Okay, now I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing some sort of bug, because this did not happen in my playthrough.
  12. Well, this is sort of revolting, but not for the reasons you stated. By "Aloth is rather unenthused about this and talks to you about it" I can only surmise that he is an unwilling participant in this little threesome, which is obviously not okay.
  13. Well, my character is too mostly honest/diplomatic/benevolent, but I'm sitting at 0 approval, so at this point I have actually no idea what am I doing wrong
  14. Same here. And I've seen couple of people having a similar problem as well. I wonder if his approval gain is bugged somehow.
  15. There's an option to increase font size, but even maxed out it still feels too small in conversations to me. And the dialogue window itself is kind of small too (smaller than in the first game anyway). Can anything be done about that?
  16. I think it came out really well. But the ears are still a bit off (too big and pointy?). There was another "revision of revision" in this thread where ears were done just right (not the face though, here you've done far better job), imo - https://i.imgur.com/kCds4Bz.png If you could make similar changes to your revision, that would be awesome.
  17. I actually like those "fixed" versions of the portraits for returning companions better than the official ones. To me they look closer to the portraits from the first game. Aramintai, if you are still taking requests, I wonder if you could make watercolor versions of them? Here's all three portraits: https://imgur.com/a/7EAzZ
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