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  1. My Watcher dislikes the gods probably as much as Pallegina, but her reaction in that conversation where she yells at Tekehu for giving her Ondra figurine was just mean and blown out of proportion (in all fairness, they reconcile after and it all kinds of adorable, but I had no success triggering it in my game). It's not unlimited though, but since companions and romance are viewed as an essential part of their games, they can justify the use of resources (and even then it's still limited). They've said as much, that romances are very expensive to make (just as someone at Obsidian said that companion quests are expensive to make). I didn't know this was even a thing, lol.
  2. Didn't like Furrante because of his dealings with the slavers, but then I read Pallegina's ending slides where you side with the Principi: So it's not like I was going to side with the Principi in my canon playthrough anyway, but still it's bye-bye Aeldys for me after reading that.
  3. Looks like a bug to me. Xoti is gaining approval with him like his faith in Eothas was renewed, but in his convo about her he sounded disapproving. Might be tied to (now fixed) bug with save import.
  4. He liked Maia too in my playthrough and is neutral with Eder. So that would make him negative with two companions. Not too different from Pallegina, who doesn't like Tekehu and Xoti. And I believe Eder can get negative with Xoti, if he's disillusioned with Eothas?
  5. I'm just sitting over here hoping that is this indeed bug. After all the developers did say companion relationship system is bugged. And considering he has both stewardship and autonomy dispositions at the same time (and this is a confirmed bug), I would assume that one of them (which one depends on Aloth being pro- or anti-Leaden Key) is taking place of some other, because otherwise he gets too few dispositions (and less than other companions), which doesn't make sense. Still disappointed though, that all returning companion conversations take twice as less time than full romance route with the new ones.
  6. This conversation got me rifling through the folder with my BG2 screenshots again. Almost every one of Jan's banters with the other companions is hilarious (my favourite ones being those with Keldorn, Sarevok, Edwin and Minsc). Not to be entirely off-topic: I really like how Serafen turned out (and his voice-over is great): he's probably gonna be my favourite of all of the new companions.
  7. Nope. She's a permanent party member (along with Jan and Keldorn) in my every playthrough. I really like how even without romance your character can develop a strong bond with her.
  8. Eh. In my recent playthrough he called Jaheira "a wench" after her rather neutral comment about something, and "my lady" literally in the next banter. Bipolar much? Though if anything, it is worth keeping him in the party just to listen to Jan Jansen making fun of him :D I'll stop derailing this thread now.
  9. Sorta unrelated, but David Gaider once said, that he originally wanted Anomen to be gay romance, but they decided against it in the end, because they thought the audience wasn't ready. I actually have mixed feelings about this, since I think he's boring, whiny and obnoxious as hell and his romance is no better, but then would that be 4 romances for male characters and 0 for female? I actually agree with both points of view to some extent. I love romances as much as the next person (provided, they are well-written), but I also don't want the writers to feel forced to write them if they don't want to - if anything, it tends to reflect on the quality of said romance.
  10. That would be... unfortunate. Oh well, maybe next time then. For Principi? Because I got all the other faction achievements before getting to Ukaizo.
  11. Sided with Furrante, killed Master Kua before he gave me the quest.
  12. I didn't have a save at Ukaizo in which I sided with the Principi. Though I did a quick run for it now just to see if this would trigger the achievement - but nope, still nothing.
  13. With two. Xoti can become good friends with Eder, if you nudge them in the right direction, otherwise Eder takes her aside and tells her he's not interested. Well, to each their own. I don't view him as asexual, just very cautious and solitary, being stuck with Iselmyr for so long. So it felt natural for the Watcher to make the first move (still, I would appreciate more content).
  14. Loading a save or even completing the quest still does not unlock the achievement for me. I take it this is not retroactive? In any case, seems like this is not working too, seeing as my character immediately went from aggressive 3 to 4 after picking one dialogue option.
  15. Apparently you are supposed to turn him down the first time he propositions you, because in this case she says nothing. I didn't romance him, but I find the idea of the Watcher, whom Ondra wanted to drown, so all her secrets would stay hidden, not only surviving and living to tell the tale, but also coming after her special boy, way too funny. Seriously though, Ondra, this is not healthy, I didn't restore Abydon for nothing, lol.
  16. Well, color me intrigued. Apologies for hijacking the thread, but can you guys share some screens of this exchange?
  17. I love this. After watching Tekehu's romance on youtube I am slightly envious that it has way more content, but it's good to know that Aloth's romance, short as it is, has at least some nuance to it.
  18. For what it's worth, I've listened to that banter, and while Eder is definitely crushing hard on Iselmyr, it doesn't seem like to her it's anything more than one of her stupid pranks, this time both on Aloth AND Eder. Because when Eder asks what does Aloth think about them together, and she replies that Aloth wants only happiness for her, I honestly lol'd. Heck, he's getting annoyed even when she comes out just to talk to Eder and repeatedly asks him not to encourage her. And after all that she says: "Ooh, yer face, Edér! Only thing finer'n seeing it is feeling this lad's ire!". It's only my interpretation, of course, so take it for what you will. That being said, I find myself liking Eder a lot less. Not for being fond of Iselmyr, just for being this dense and obviously lacking some basic empathy. Welp, all more reason for me to suppress her in my playthroughs, I guess (like I imagine her constant yapping in Aloth's head and trying to assume direct control of his body wasn't enough already :D ).
  19. Okay, so I've noticed something in Pallegina's ending slides. These two: The first paragraphs are the same, but the second ones are not. "Their close relationship causes friction with the duchess' husband ... His impotent annoyance becomes the subject of courtly gossip". Uh, wait, what? Is that what I think it is? Also, I have no idea what conditions for these endings are.
  20. Yeah, pretty sure I didn't buy it, so I guess he learns Aedyran from the crew. Also, about those datamined banters: I hope they fix the pacing, because I got first talk between Pallegina and Tekehu (the one where he puts Ondra figurine in her backpack), but not the following ones, and I had them in my party together for pretty much half of the game. So that's really disappointing. Or is it supposed to be tied to their dispositions towards each other? Like that conversation about figurine triggered when Pallegina had -1 with Tekehu, and he had +1 with her. Should Pallegina change her opinion about him before the second conversation could trigger, or is it time-gated? I am really confused.
  21. Funny, I was just listening to those too. Eder made me cringe so hard in that dialogue, when he says to the Watcher, that Aloth is no fun anymore, because he doesn't stand with his mouth agape like he used to five years ago, or does not twitch nervously when Eder is playing jokes on him. And the way he keeps bringing Iselmyr forth when Aloth specifically asks him not to. Just ugh. What tablets? Don't remember buying anything, but when I talked to him on the ship (was surprised I could do that, actually), there was an option to ask him something like "So you can speak Aedyran now?", and he answers "Was that supposed to be hard?".
  22. Nope. He suppessed her in my playthrough, still anti-traditionalist (well, mostly, if you don't count obviously bugged banters :D ).
  23. Thank you! On a side note, Aloth can't make up his mind, lol. One moment he approves my "no restrictions for technology and research" answer, next thing he tells Pallegina in a banter about what danger projects such as Faune's can pose in the wrong hands. Seems like pro- and anti-Leaden Key flags are off here.
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