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  1. Yep, this is a bug (not sure if it is just visual or actually affecting rep score). Had the exact same conversation while being on positive terms with VTC, Aloth didn't disapprove of anything. And as I posted in another thread, I had "Aloth disapproves" tag upon starting conversation with a kid hanging out near performers in Queen's Berth, which magically disappeared after I reloaded and talked to the kid again.
  2. He merely tolerates her, if you nudge him in this direction, nothing more. He is certainly annoyed, when Eder brings her out to chat. And there's this: Watcher: I'm surprised you managed Iselmyr that long. Aloth: We've come to an arrangement of sorts. Iselmyr: Aye, he lets me in on the bashing, and I leave him the jawing. Aloth: For the most part, anyhow. (He sighs) I get it that you are peeved with him, but this is starting to sound awfully a lot like nitpicking.
  3. Uh, no? If he has Iselmyr, then it's Iselmyr doing it, not him. It's not like he disapproves of every joke, more of what he considers being irresponsible. And as I said before, I didn't lose his approval, despite my character being a smartass pretty much all the time. Didn't gain it either, though. I agree with you on this, but I think it's a problem with relationship system itself and not with Aloth per se. Personally, I'm going to wait for the patch, before I draw any conclusions.
  4. I honestly don't see what is the big deal with Aloth taking animancer's notes on him. And while I don't condone his omitting him being the Leaden Key agent, it's not like he didn't pull his weight or, er, see the errors of the Leaden Key ways and decide to come clean in the end.
  5. And yeah, I forgot to mention: once I got his approval to 2 by those not entirely honest means, it didn't go down at all for the rest 2/3 of the game. And I only picked the answers that, in my opinion, would suit my Watcher best (that included being constant smartass, for example). So... go figure.
  6. Well, if you don't mind exploiting the game a bit, you can gain his approval (and Pallegina's) by taking the quest in Radiant Court, Dunnage (the one where you need to find people for the play): you'll be asked to free a mage who's working in the King's Coffin. Ask the tavern keeper, if you could settle her debt (Aloth and Pallegina will both approve). The tavern keeper will refuse. Leave conversation. Enter conversation and ask again, if you could settle her debt (Aloth and Pallegina will approve again). Leave conversation. Rinse, repeat.
  7. He sure does xD I mean, in addition to that idle line, he has another one, when you enter the bathhouse, something like: "Once this is all over, I'd like to spend more time here together".
  8. My favourite idle now is Xoti's "Had the strangest dream last night. In it me and you were just standing around, gawking at each other. For hours".
  9. Thought I'd share it here: The lines companions say when you poke them too many times are hilarious (Tekehu, lol). And I just love that they have different lines for romance as well as for negative/positive approval, it seems. Also romanced Aloth lines when idling are adorable.
  10. If you kidnap Vela, the ending slide changes to this: But at the moment, there was little to be done, and the matter would have to wait. A long journey loomed ahead, made no easier by your decision to bring an infant to Sun in Shadow. Also note the "but at the moment" part, so it's not all that weird, actually.
  11. Well, I always took the "...a long journey looms ahead" part as "Since Thaos destroyed the shortcut and there is no going up that pit, you have to find another way out of Sun in Shadow".
  12. Yeah, happened to me too. Remember those performers in Queen's Berth? There's a kid hanging out nearby. When I tried to talk to said kid, Aloth suddenly gave me the same "pride"-tagged disapproval. Like what the actual heck. I reloaded right after and talked to the kid again just to check if he'd have the same reaction again, and nothing happened (but I'm still suspicious, I mean, what if there is a hidden disappoval thing going on :D). I totally get it, he was one of my favorites in the first game as well. But now that he is giving people pained looks and massaging his temples i find it difficult to like him. And if you think this is bad wait until his opinion of you drops to -1 and he starts lecturing you about "becoming like Thaos" because traditions. That is indeed a bummer. He's obviously still my favourite, but I am disappointed with the way he was portrayed in Deadfire (and now I'm slightly paranoid that because of this he's not going to make it to the next game as a companion).
  13. That's probably because she separated herself from the Wheel not so long ago. I'd wager given time and/or lack of essence to feed on she would degenerate as any other undead.
  14. Looks like Aloth is the only responsible adult out there :D Kinda meh though, kid sounds largely neglected. But then again, never been a fan of kidnapping her and killing Lliras in the first place.
  15. All ending slides (with conditions): https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire_endings
  16. Huh, self-defense. That's actually neat. And I find this turn of events much more agreeable that blowing up that powder house where every npc is guilt tripping you by saying stuff like "I need to write to my family" or "Yay I'm 4 weeks away from retirement"
  17. I think Pallegina can keep her posting if you side with Huana, and director Castol is still in charge. That way he puts in a word for her. Now, I have no idea how to keep Castol for that ending, because Onekaza banished him to the Gullet after framing him for blowing up the powderhouse (and Pallegina ends up disgraced and banished, again *sigh*). I also agree that all factions are terrible in their own way, but at least in my Huana ending things started to improve for Roparu.
  18. Did you find a merchant ship ransaked by the Wahaki with him in the party? Maybe if he doesn't know where to go, he doesn't get in over his head. Or it could be totally bugged, like those ending slides I got for Tekehu made it so as if my Watcher dumped him, when in fact I didn't even romance him. I didn't, since his personal quest has nothing to do with this ending.
  19. Is there a romance though? I mean, aside from that one convo, where Iselmyr is pranking them both, and a banter, where Eder hopes it's not going to cause a rift between them, there is no follow-up.
  20. Aloth does. And not all companions in PoE1 had terrible endings if you didn't finish their quests either, only Kana and Durance, iirc.
  21. There are easier ways to do it - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99140-a-man-of-chimes-quest-how-do-i-save-giacolo/?p=2019569
  22. As someone who liked Hiravias, I'll just go and cry in the corner over there :D Here's hoping for some sort of cameo in future dlc's. I don't suppose you have some screenshots to share? Purely for research reasons, of course :D
  23. In that case Durance had at least as much reason to return as Eder, after suffering faith crisis and learning that the god he blowed up is alive and kicking.
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