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  1. Silver Knight is definitely better all around pick vs Her Courage. +10 Deflection is actually big in this game. I don't think any heal will keep you up with Sacred Immolation. The way it scales it can deal to you 190 crit damage per tick.... This isn't necessarily true (the first line); 10 deflection is big but its impact may not be depending on where you start. Characters with low starting deflection won't gain as much absolute damage reduction from it, while the shield is essentially flat DR. 10 deflection is never going to be a bad thing, but it's definitely possible for it
  2. That's artificial difficulty. Likewise the people who want an easy time should just play on the easy difficulties. Path of the Damned was designed for a challenge and is incapable of providing one at the moment. It does indeed not provide a great challenge to characters that are fully min/maxed and using scaling gear with min maxed skills to match these items. It does, however, provide an interesting challenge to characters that are built with a minimum of roleplay where choices are motivated by more than mere stats (like companions and sidekicks are, btw, and there is no denying
  3. RE: The unbending discussion above; it's true that you don't need it, but you can literally auto the game if you get it. There simply aren't enough "necessary" abilities in the build to not take it for the part of the game where you don't have the full package yet. It lasts for more than 30 seconds with the amount of INT you get on this build and has no activation time. It's the ultimate lazy ability I didn't take the upgraded version; the base unbending does the job just fine with might and the passive healing. Anything that doesn't literally one-shot immediately heals to full.
  4. I feel like a vital aspect of this system is missing; the "has inspiration" stuff is a start, but far too many spells fall outside of those criteria. It should be possible to set spells to only cast when their effect isn't already in effect. This is basically what the inspiration tags do, but it is needed on so many more. You can work around it with timers, but timers don't work for spell effects that can end early (summons dying, buffs being removed like wizard's double, etc etc) Is there a way to do this that I'm just not seeing?
  5. I don't really understand the choice of Helwalker; it seems like an exceptionally bad trade-off for a character who's defenses do matter a little. Maybe I'm wrong and the defenses don't matter at all, but it seems like many enemies don't have a lot of additive damage to their rolls, which makes the helwalker multiplier exceptionally bad. Might gives 3% damage and healing per point, additive with all other additive sources. Going from 18 to 28 might via helwalker takes you from +24% to +54, which is 20% more damage. That is best case, assuming you max might and have literally zero othe
  6. How many hours a day do you play this game Prestidigitator? You have like 5 or 6 build guides written up, have you actually played them all through PotD? I get that it's easier than it should be but it still takes a hell of a lot of time to get through a run? Good guide anyway.
  7. Might is the only additive damage modifier as far as I can tell, additive is only bad once you try to stack several of them. There are very few damage scalars that do not stack additively with might. The grave calling weapon you showed in your video has +70% damage by itself.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8jdvki/psa_might_is_probably_not_as_powerful_as_you/ Might being changed from multiplicative to additive probably means that you're over-valuing might vs. dex/perception in a build like this. Given that you're devoted perception likely isn't that important as your accuracy is probably quite high and you don't focus all that heavily on crit-based mechanics, but dex is probably better than might.
  9. Okay, acc = 0, def = 0. We got 50-100 of 0-100 for hit conversion, so its 0.5*0.15= 0.075 Now acc = 50, def = 0. We got 0-50 of 0-100 for hit conversion, so its 0.5*0.15 = same 0.075 Whats wrong with your mats? Cases where you are above the threshold where this is the case.
  10. I'm new to the game and enjoying it so far, but this feature has me stumped. I go in, read the descriptions, choose the thing I think should do what I want it to... and the vast majority it does literally nothing at all? Take druid for example. There is a script called "Spiritshift" that literally has, as its first sentence of description, "This behavior emphasizes Spiritshifting as soon as the druid is able to Engage an enemy in melee". It sounds pretty damn straight forward and free from confusion. But, my druid has literally never used spiritshift without my instigatin
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