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  1. Party in the afterlife! Everyone's invited, the theme is "Hotel California". 'Relax' said the night man, 'We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!'
  2. This be truth. This is destined. I don't know about bad sales, but I know quality. This game has it. It will have a glorious legacy. Hallelujah! Oh man, I'm going to have to keep my mods updated for years? I never signed up for that!
  3. Several crew members will agree with that. Heck yeah. All our Watchers should get a version of this:
  4. Did you get his +2 approval conversation? That's the one where you can (possibly, with the right choices) initiate the romance. There is a bug which prevents that conversation from triggering for some folks, though.
  5. The interaction is definitely there in the files, but whether it triggers in the game... maybe yes, maybe no, apparently. I haven't tried it.
  6. Yup. Just take the ship and go. Stealing from thieves is always satisfying.
  7. There are item description entries for various grimoires in the game files, but clicking on a grimoire in the game only brings up its spell list. Is there no in-game way for players to see these descriptions?
  8. Reminds me of the Star Trek episode "Charlie X", where the havoc-wreaking demi-god's "parents" show up at the end and take him away while apologizing for his bad behavior. That would be amazing. Edit: And also "The Squire of Gothos," though he's a more silly and less havoc-wreaking version.
  9. Oh, Eora is definitely doomed. I hear they've already decided on the title of the third game - Pillars of Eternity: Grab What You Can and Get Out.
  10. Which it makes it very interesting to look at which companions Obsidian does allow to (potentially) hang around - Edér and Aloth. Plus, hey, who knows what the sidekicks get up to when the game's over.
  11. And on the other side of the coin, there are folks who like Aloth and his romance track. It's very quiet and understated, not surprisingly, though the kickoff is a bit more dramatic if you go the negative relationship route (yes, Aloth does have a rivalmance option).
  12. I made a death godlike who was not only 100% benevolent, but a Bleak Walker (it all tied into her background as a slave). Obviously I'm not above mechanically crippling my characters for RP purposes
  13. My favorite roleplaying Watcher was an Island Amaua chanter from the Deadfire with the raider background. Shady as all get out, always had a wisecrack ready, but determined to look out for the little guy. It worked out very well - lots of reactivity and the interactions with the Queen and Tekehu took on a lot more weight.
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