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  1. So if you've never played poe2 doing so as a sage especially helwalker can be a challenge. The plus 10 mig is nice but the debuff garuntees you're squishy as hell and on potd you'll need sustain more than burst during the harder fights imo. I went helwalker evoker for max PL before the latest patch and it was a hoot but no walk in the park. I'm playing through as a tactician bloodmage atm and I think it's actually just perfect. Lots of options, brilliant proc and chill fog are your best friends. I'm just having a lot more fun with this than the sage.
  2. Just curious and I can always check later but does the fighter's warrior stance impact the acc of spells?
  3. No, bellower PL is for chanter invocations only. It says it on the tool tip but can be easily misconstrued. I was hoping for a plus 3 PL to my evoker too. When you get three phrases your wiz PL will not go up.
  4. TBH it's all about brilliance. You don't even need to worry abt proc for interrupting if you can get that flank buff off. Playing a tactician/bloodmage and it's just been crazy good with spells like chill fog (just bottle neck the enemies and get your aoe flank on). Just never let your main get flanked or your pretty much useless.
  5. FYI bellower PL is only for chanter skills and does not syneeguze with wizard. I tried to do a bloodmage bellower and no deal guess 3 PL was too powerful for some mage spells. Also I agree the next best choice is tactician bloodmage. You proc brilliant a lot and cover for the main downside of a caster even more than bloodmage, which is lack of spells in long fights (the recharge rate is actually pretty damn fast, you could spam minolettas and dd spells like there's not tomorrow). Not to mention the discipline proc as there are some nice melee choices you can work with too (citzals spirit
  6. Ditto, I've also uploaded my file for review can confirm same bug and replicating same results https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EQWvv2J8_NS669Q1yxyIgSaDrR4K9zMG?usp=sharing
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