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  1. Thanks for the info! So the Lancer build on the board is still up to date? I was checking it out and it seemed like alot of fun.
  2. All the DLC is finally out so i'm ready to play the game in its entirety...however I have one pretty big issue. I cant decide on a build. So i'm coming to the pros to help me. I played through POE 1 as a wizard, loved it. I want to do the same with POE 2 but this time i may want to throw a little spice in it...So my question to you all is: Can you make me/point me in right direction to a build (POTD) for a pure Wizard...and also a Sage. I checked out the build list and saw both but i'm not sure if they're out of date considering the DLC just came out. I've always had this issue with RPGS and almost always end up quitting mid game because I think my build game is too weak. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!
  3. Combine that with Citzal's Spirit Lance, and you can get some crazy melee AoE. It's been a lot of fun in my first post 1.1 PotD run. What's attributes did you go with? Sounds like fun!
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