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  1. Thanks for the info! So the Lancer build on the board is still up to date? I was checking it out and it seemed like alot of fun.
  2. All the DLC is finally out so i'm ready to play the game in its entirety...however I have one pretty big issue. I cant decide on a build. So i'm coming to the pros to help me. I played through POE 1 as a wizard, loved it. I want to do the same with POE 2 but this time i may want to throw a little spice in it...So my question to you all is: Can you make me/point me in right direction to a build (POTD) for a pure Wizard...and also a Sage. I checked out the build list and saw both but i'm not sure if they're out of date considering the DLC just came out. I've always had this issue with R
  3. Combine that with Citzal's Spirit Lance, and you can get some crazy melee AoE. It's been a lot of fun in my first post 1.1 PotD run. What's attributes did you go with? Sounds like fun!
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