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  1. I just wanted to quickly ask if anyone had any success finding a way to prevent the npc from turning hostile or "fixing" this issue?
  2. It's nice to hear the first large patch is coming out soon, I do hope we get to beta test it first. Partially so we can see the fixes earlier, but also so we can point out any new bugs introduced in that patch. The patches themselves typically benefit from additional testing and feedback.
  3. Poor sales always lead to poor support, but it's a bad idea to follow that path. It leads to the people who bought the game feeling burnt and being reticent to buy the next games by the studio because, after all, who knows if the developers will even patch that next game or simply abandon it? It's definitely worrisome to see them being far less active now. I'm hoping they simply scaled down production to give developers a break to rest after the game was released.
  4. This is a save right before meeting Mad Morena. Since she's hostile, I can't do the quest I have active. If I use a stealth character, move right next to her, pause the game, unstealth myself while paused, talk to her while paused, and then unpause the game, I can talk to her once. After talking to her once, she instantly turns hostile and I can't talk to her again. Even if I leave the area and come back stealthed. This makes it impossible to continue the quest. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8w2ekndigtsdww5/Welton%20%28Undercroft%29%20%28d24eb1d7-8105-4261-aca1-52ae03a376ff%29%20%28761480090%
  5. Happens to me often too. I've got the habit of quicksaving before switching any party member. Typically the game crashes, I restart the game, then I can switch them.
  6. I've encountered the same issue with Zealous Focus. Pallegina hasn't been in my party for a while and I've had multiple rests since then, but the buff still shows up for anyone who was in the party at the same time as she was. (Not for anyone added afterward)
  7. This issue is quite annoying. The weirdest part about this is that if you sneak in to talk to her, she mentions that you "picked a fight with her crew", so it seems like this could be fixed by always making her neutral without changing the dialog. The guards outside could still attack you for being a trespasser, but she would talk to you to figure out what you want. Something like that already happens elsewhere in the game (I think Dereo was the one who mentioned that killing his men was a strange way to get his attention but still talked with you). Giving players a chance to speak to her once
  8. I can say that none are green for me, and so far the DLC hasn't installed yet either.
  9. I just got the update, but still no patch notes. First post was updated: These are the update notes for Beta Build 86 Major Fixes Fixed a bug preventing level scaling from activating correctly. Resolved a Pillars I Import issue that was assigning incorrect values to decisions.This should resolve the issue with Eder mentioning being part of the Night Market instead of the Mayor. This will not update which item he has for existing saves however.
  10. This!!! I would've respec'd already if it wasn't for this, and the price is only getting higher and higher... It should be fixed in the patch that will come out today. It's possible the patch today will simply be the current beta patch (build 82) being pushed to live. If that's the case, it won't include that fix. But they'll most likely keep updating the beta branch with newer builds, so hopefully a fix will happen soon, regardless of it it's on live or beta.
  11. Mine is still showing as "not installed". I tried switching back and forth between the beta patch version and release version, tried enabling/disabling the item in steam, and tried relogging completely on Steam. It's just not starting the installation of the Gaun's Pledge.
  12. Same thing happened to me. It was very confusing as the NPC asked me how I found him and I got some options which didn't really make sense (I stumbled upon him by accident) and then options discussing other npcs related to the quest I had never met.
  13. Some Nvidia users have said that using these developer drivers gave them proper performance in PoE2: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-397-54-vulkan-developer-beta-driver.420843/ I don't know if it'll help everyone, but it helped a few people.
  14. Hasn't installed yet for me, I guess it's just a bit slow to reach everyone? Probably just need to wait a bit longer. I do remember Gaun's Pledge being a preorder bonus (I think?) in PoE1. The DLC for the PoE2 version shows that it was acquired on 2015-03-25, so it definitely confirms that it's tied to owning PoE1 (was released 2015-03-26).
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