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  1. Has anyone chose not to take that part back? The fact that they added the extra narrative to make it sound like your soul became someone else sounded foreboding
  2. I agree that we have to consider that not all the resources that explain how reincarnation may not be reliable sources. Much like an 'unreliable narrator' perspective, there are books,stories and people telling their own spin of how things happened and I think that was intentional (so we can find out what the real facts are) Its totally possible the writers messed up on their parts but I think the inconsistencies are also because its kind of like how anything old passed through time will almost always be changed from person to person and/or perverted for their own purposes. I mean the gods haven't exactly been forthright and they were still mortals at some point. The time before them they may consider insignificant because they are the ones that essentially re purposed life itself.
  3. I think my biggest issue is that I feel like I did a lot to make the deadfire better and it felt ignored in the end after he destroys the wheel. Like Neketaka more or less falls apart and everyone is at war with each other. I suppose I saw that coming because allying with any of them means destroying another but I would at least think there would be more of a positive mark the watcher makes for all that they have accomplished. I am however very excited to see what that does for the narrative for the third game, assuming there will be one.
  4. I... won't even post how much I would be willing to pay for that. But it's a lot. Eh, considering recent controversies, I don't really think Obsidian has any interest on joining the ranks of companies being raked over the coals for selling 'withheld' micro-transaction content. Besides, Obsidian has a pretty good reputation for releasing solid amounts of content in paid DLCs (and before anyone says it, the Tyranny portrait pack was a Paradox thing). But I get the sentiment. I would put down money for an 'expanded ranger pet variations' thing. Let my pale elf ranger have a snow leopard, dammit Opposed to a separate DLC for romance, it would be nice if they made sure to acknowledge that in the DLC, in say like: responses in normal conversations change depending on your relationship just like how your trait inclinations can garner different responses. As much as I would like events for relationships, I find I also really like how natural it feels if they just have slight variances to their conversations or even tonal changes when referring to you. Especially since it's top down and text based, the pay off feels really good when its present in their vocal delivery that: 'I care about this person I'm talking to'. Also I would kill for a familiar or hunting partner perk
  5. And that's the one and only romance dialogue I've seen from him until the end of the game, so congrats. There's a couple of small things he says when you enter certain areas and I do like the change in tone when you talk to him. Honestly I'm content with knowing that he finally reciprocates because I didn't really see him as being overly-romantic given his circumstances. Not trying to dismiss the lack of content but for me personally, I like the touch of knowing that my Watcher at least got a resolution to their feelings.
  6. Could you tell how did you "find" it in the end? Because I'm at the same state - raised Aloth's disposition via mod to 2 after completing his quest. Aand... no romantic dialogue. Tried previous saves and on some of those it worked. But not on all. Can't understand what's wrong. I'm definitely not in a romance with anybody else and only completed some Huana quests between the "yes dialogue" and "no dialogue" state. Could just forget it and lose 1-2 hours of the game, but I'm scared to somehow break the romance again. If you don't have a romance dialogue with Aloth after completing his quest and having rep of 2 then go do the main quest (Ashen Maw). After the talks at the palace he will talk to you immediately. Oh, wow, it worked! Thank you very much Just so anyone else wants to know, this is not a guaranteed event because I didn't get it and I made no indication that I wasn't interested. I had to go back, waaaaay back because it wouldn't initiate after the talks and even after doing some quests with him. (but its ok because rushed the hell out of the next quests) I had to go back to the first conversation where it starts with: "Aloth looks at you with a smile that suggests the two of you are in on a marvelous secret." and "I finally feel good about what I'm doing." (depending about how he feels about your progress) and instead of responding to "I'm glad you're on our side." with -> "I'll have you put in a good word with Berath." Or the other option Instead say: ->"I'm glad you're by mine." and that was the line that opens up the romance dialogue. This one is a guarantee for sure and will happen when you hit tier 2
  7. So I know Maia and Tekehu (and maybe Xoti) are bugged to initiate faster than they should, but when can you have the conversation with Aloth about a relationship? I'm at tier 2 approval (through the mod) and no conversation. I'm currently before the island of uh....the fabled Huana island...don't remember the name Edit: nevermind, I found it haha
  8. But the problem is once I discovered the plot there's no other dialogue options available for the Valera family. If I approach them, even if I haven't reported them yet, they just go on on their own little spat b**** slapping each other and there's no negotiation option available, they demand I help them and that's it! So you've talked to the head Ezzali and said you wanted to try to talk to the head of the Valera family instead of fighting? I had not talked to the Valera family until I did all the quests for the Bardetto's and then talked to them after she agreed that I would talk them into meeting. Might be a sequence of events thing and/or a bug.
  9. I ran into this but I found if you don't tell the Valera family you know about their vault heist and go right to talking about 'trouble with their neighbors', you don't get pegged as helping them with the heist and it won't trigger the hostile encounter with the Bardetto's. I think what happens is that if you tell them that they know, the game acts as though they've already broken in and you've been tasked to help them and then it assumes you're assisting the heist. So just skip telling them and go right to talking about negotiating.
  10. Awww this is actually really cute! I could see a patient and snarky Maia pairing well with the wide-eyed Xoti
  11. Is this right after you meet her in Naketaka? Because if so, that's supposed to happen oh! so it is still a chance? Yeah, you need to progress the storyline and you can recruit her after speaking at the palace and recruiting Maia. You just need to go to the Vailian office and talk to her after. I already visited the palace and recruted maia, and then met pallegina, ask her to join and get a refuse :c Oof, might be based on your current standing with the trade company or how you talked to her the first time :<
  12. Is this right after you meet her in Naketaka? Because if so, that's supposed to happen oh! so it is still a chance? Yeah, you need to progress the storyline and you can recruit her after speaking at the palace and recruiting Maia. You just need to go to the Vailian office and talk to her after.
  13. Is this right after you meet her in Naketaka? Because if so, that's supposed to happen
  14. If someone finds the string for the companion end slides, I would appreciate it! or a link to where they've been posted
  15. The way I see it is: This is a product I own. This is not a project or vision that belongs to me. When they stated that there was going to be relationships and went further to say 'rivalries, friendships and maybe even romance' I knew that was an indicator that there would be mixture of those, and not a promise. If the authors of each character feel like the character they created did not desire a romantic relationship, I can respect that because the character is their vision, not mine and I want to see the story they tell. While its upsetting if I can't see that character in romantic light with my character, I don't think that detracts from my experience because there's still the whole narrative out there to explore. Eder's choice in Iselmyr may have already been there in the works to begin with, Pallegina not wanting a romance may be because she's Asexual, who knows? but again, just because we give them money to entrust them to create a great product, doesn't mean we can also commandeer their decisions as well. It's ok to be upset, but I don't think they mislead anyone because they specifically outlined what would be in it and did not say it would apply to everyone evenly. Also I don't know if its advantageous to tell prior to the release who is romanceable or not because then that creates: A demand for characters to be romanceable that may make their core character deviate from what makes them 'them' also it can create scenarios where other characters are not given attention because they aren't romances. Or somehow they become less intriguing because we cannot that facet of their personality.
  16. Whaaaaat. Okay, I'm perfectly fine with Eder not being an option for the Watcher, but THIS (if true) really does seem like trolling on the devs' part. What the heck. It's in the game data! I dunno the rules on image linking on this forum, but I can screenshot all the Eder/Iselmyr stuff and chuck it in an Imgur gallery or give you the directions to the data file itself for you to read if you need the proof. It that would include the dialogue that could actually be quite interesting. Seconded! Especially if we don't know if it's in the game for sure
  17. The companions are not shallow imo Tekehu maybe 'annoying' to them but his dialogue when he's brought to the less fortunate parts of the city show the other shades of his character (which I think will determine how he uses his prestige to affect the city in the end) The characters don't have grandiose backstories and sometimes do come off as one note, but when they respond to the other companions or talk about their beliefs is what makes it for me. For instance: Xoti is the most annoying imo, but that's because she's a devout follower of an aspect of Eothas and she's young. However I realize she does mean well but it's just grating for me how someone can put so much stock into the gods after seeing how often they do more harm (with first-hand evidence) than good and have this attitude of: The god hurting people is not my god, my god is an aspect of him, so I take no responsibility for the harm they cause because I disassociate the two. However again, for as immature and mature she can be, it's still refreshing because it makes me feel a certain way BECAUSE of those parts of her character. Not because she's annoying in general.
  18. Whoa Whoa! I joked about it happening and was also curious but didn't think they would actually do it hahaha. Of those who did finish the game, did their romances end the same? ie Companion goes their separate way? If so, this is like Divinity all over again...
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